by carl wilson

"Listening, It Should Have Exceeded"

If you're following along with this "M.I.A. debate" - this story we're wanting to tell ourselves - the new chapters are up on Blissblog now, in typically cogent and core-mining proposals from Simon, while Jordan resorts to Zizek (which pleases me inordinately). Go read. I'll wait.

If you're not following, because for instance your interests at Zoilus are more local (which would theoretically please Simon) - and you miss Hunter S. Thompson - you could do worse than make a movie about Dan Burke, read Aaron on Canadian musico-psychogeography, watch Phil Dellio (who needs to get out of Tripod!) and Scott Woods sort their record collections according to tangential criteria (High Fidelity geekout, to use a reference that will make them both gag), or read Japanese banjo poetry.

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and god, if you wanted to, you could really fit the emerging sublime frequencies phenomenon into this framework quite easily, couldn't you?

Posted by mark p. on February 22, 2005 11:01 PM



that zizek excerpt is wonderful.

Posted by mark p. on February 22, 2005 10:54 PM




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