by carl wilson

Live From New York, It's Tuesday Night

The Village Voice Pazz & Jop poll has come on-line. For a strange few of us this is kind of like a championship boxing match on pay per view that makes you rush down to the sports bar and pound back pints.

I was not a voter. (I can't quite explain except that institutions make me nervous and so I have never asked anyone how to become one. I recognize the neurosis.) Kanye West predictably topped the album poll. Franz Ferdinand, in this reporter's opinion mildly scandalously, topped the singles poll. The essays and comments usually have some of the year's best nuggets of keerazy wizdumb, tho. I'll come back later with a Top 10.

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This voter apathy appalls me. No wonder music elects such crappy leaders. Maybe we should get politicians to do ads on C-Span encouraging critics to get out and vote for their representative acts.

Rock the rockvote!

(Seriously, Carl, if I find out you don't vote next year, I'll kick your ass)

Posted by misha on February 9, 2005 01:31 AM




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