by carl wilson

Nicotine Fitness

Sorry for the silence. Lots to blog about but no brain for it, since I quit smoking this weekend and am currently in a kind of crave-haze nauseatic state that doesn't lend itself to breezy discursing. Since there was a Scritti Politti reference in the col. on the weekend, it seems worthwhile linking to an interview with chief Scrit, Green Gartside, by Stephen Trousse on new blog Stephenage. (Via Simon Reynolds, whose own paean to Scritti Politti can be found here.) The joke in the column falls flat because it turns out that Gartside did put out another (generally disparaged) album as S.P. as recently as 1999, Anomie & Bonhomie. Shoulda known.

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Good luck with the no-smoke.

Posted by Andrew on January 10, 2005 09:28 PM




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