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The North Poll

Aaron Wherry presents the outcome of the first-ever Canadian bloggers' Canadian music poll. Bet you can't guess who won, eh? Uh, or maybe you can (look up, way up, past the drawbridge).

If you missed it: Here's Zoilus's ballot. I listed a dozen (plus 26 honourable mentions) but only the Top 5 counted. And I still haven't heard a few things that show up on the poll. And I forgot Sixtoo was Canadian!

No time to comment much on the outcome except to say that given the international impact of Canadian music this year, it's a list worth reading. End-of-year lists like this one, which deal with a particular genre, region or other limited set are so much better than big sloppy "best of everything" lists. Restrictions create meaning. For more on why, listen to John Darnielle preach it.

Edited to add: The poll seems to indicate that Canadian critics are still mostly listening to Rock: File Under Indie. Aside from shoo-ins Junior Boys and K-os, at No. 4 and 5 (below Stars), you have to look way down to Nos. 19 and 26 to find non-rock-based winners. That reflects the reality of Canada to an extent, but also the makeup of the voting constituency. Not Aaron's fault - I'm sure it was just a matter of response, but...

Some Canadian bloggers I wish had voted in the PopWherry poll: Ghetto Postage, Autonomic for the People, Lovecstasycrime, Greg Clow, and Three Two Warzawa. That contingent really would have changed the outcome.

Failing that, I kind of wish my ballot had read: 1. Tim Hecker; 2. Venetian Snares; 3. Solvent; 4. Jake Fairley; 5. tie: McEnroe & Birdapres/Terri Clark.

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A couple of revisions/additions.

I congratulated Patrick for 640 480s mention. He was not impressed. (His natural mode of conversation is one of disinterest and dismissiveness.)

Also: the leap of logic I followed to link a "well-rounded" top ten list with "narcissism" was perhaps tenuous. I only meant to suggest that we can't have "the list" or the person making it assume more importance than the music it represents.

Being "objective", "global" or "well rounded" suggests you're hiding your true likes and dislikes in order to create a more complete and impressive list.

By the way. Sorry about the Stars dis. I like Stars. I just like Phoenix waaaaay better.

Posted by Owen on December 23, 2004 4:46 PM



I just read the Toronto weeklies "Best Of" Lists. Your blog won 2nd best blog! It's only one of two I read daily... but that's usually just to boost my tiny ego.

Top Ten lists are so strange. Now and Eye's were so bad. Even Sarah Liss' was pretty different from my own. Stars? What? I don't understand.

Patrick and I had a conversation today about when Toronto institutions praise locals. His video collective won "5th best show" (for "True Love Will Find You In The End")... beating out Wim Delvoye's "Cloaca".

So he was like, "Whatever, it's a local magazine, blah blah blah."

I kind of feel differently. I mean, my favourite albums this year were all made by Canadians; or more specifically, Torontonians, or more specifically, friends of mine; or more specifically, myself. (I didn't actually include Les Mouches in my top ten list this year, but I liked it better than, say, Animal Collective).

Meanwhile, I remember hearing The Legends this year and thinking, "Wow! This is amazing!" But they're from Sweden, don't play Toronto often and I forgot about them.

So: isn't making a top ten list that includes bands from all over the world in a variety of cultures and a variety of genres to make your list "worldly and well rounded" and "objective" actually somewhat narcissistic and self-important?

My point is this. I guess I'm surprised to read that somebody's favourite show this year was put on by Green Day at Kool Haus or something. My favourite show was that day in February when my band played, all my friends bands played, everybody knew somebody and all strangers were warmly welcomed, I had some delicious vegan food and some delicious cigarettes, we had to wake up early and stay all day. Perfect.

Posted by Owen on December 23, 2004 4:41 PM




Zoilus by Carl Wilson