by carl wilson

Cool Light of Day Reconsideration Post

Whoa, back away from the seasonal crankiness, Wilson. First of all Clover does not equal Klosterman, so lumping them both into yesterday's episode of Critical Writing That Is Bugging Me Today may have misled some readers. Clover usually has something valuable to say, and it began to dawn on me maybe I'm not working my end hard enough. So, step one, I retract "inflated bloviation." Probably permanently. I mean, at least Clover is trying to bring an original form of analysis to the long and disheartening conversation around woman-bashing MCs.

Here are Clover's propositions, apart from their loosy-bendy girders of support, to see just how they add up: 1. As long as it can get one person to say "Fuck rap, you can have it back" a genre is still vital. 2. Vital genres move forward amidst a perpetual drama between sonic form and social content. 3. Over time, social content becomes sonic form. 4. It can be difficult to distinguish social content from sonic form. 5. Given that social content is always turning into sonic formalism, a genre to stay vital needs to find cunning ways to maintain a wealth of social content.

As Franklin has said, the trouble with No. 3 is obvious, that it talks as though the process of evolution or entropy in art's socio-aesthetic character only goes one way. This is not quite corrected by no. 5 - which deals with new social content being introduced or generated but not with the possibility that sonic form also, automatically in a vital genre, continually turns into social content. Which surely is what the "bitch"-trashing-trash-talk haters are bitching about.

I also wonder about the marriage of the words Content and Form to Social and Sonic. I think these two nutty couples are headed for some rocky times. Surely if any genre also has Sonic Content and Social Form, hip-hop would be it.

That said, if Felizitas (about which pseudonym, by the way, I was also over-grumpy earlier) can apply the thesis now to the problem at hand, and when the wrapping's pulled off we actually see new aspects of the monster in the box, the exercise will have been plenty worthwhile.

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