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Musical Energy Pellets, Eat 'Em Up


Kim Cooper and David Smay, who put out the terrific Bubblegum Music Is the Naked Truth! anthology a few years ago, have a new book. For the past dozen years Kim's been the editrix of Scram magazine (which has a get-lost-for-hours compendium of disc reviews online), which was fighting the forces of snark in music long before The Believer ever thought to do it for books; instead Kim throws herself full-bellyflop-dive-style into enthusing about and championing greatness that might otherwise pass you by. The new tome, Lost In The Grooves, cranks up mission control with essays on everything from King Crimson to Cal Tjader, Swamp Dogg to Pac-Man Fever, by a host of contributors from a Meat Puppet to Rick Moody.

How do I know all this? Because they did an entertaining phone-in on NPR today. Funny thing was the awkward moments when listeners would call in suggesting "lost" albums like Forever Changes or "introducing" Nick Drake, and Cooper and Smay would have to strain not to respond like snooty record-store clerks. (They pulled it off, though.) Other callers managed to stump the authors with paeans to Tin Huey and the Flirts and one managed to make a poignant case for the lost-ness of Smokey Robinson, not forgotten but somehow looked-past.

Photos from this week's Tin Tin Tin should be up this weekend, by the way, and of course check tomorrow for this weekend's Overtones column, a bit of a hyperactive romp around John Leland's Hip: The History, the new Handsome Boy Modelling School, ODBituaries (that link is a must-read, by the way!) and the Kleptones.

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