by carl wilson

Ladies and Gentlemen, I Think We Have a Winner...

... in the rockism sweepstakes: Rolling Stone's Top 500 Songs list.

The top-ranked tune is Like a Rollin' Stone, which is fine - blatantly self-serving, since the title contains the magazine's name! but better than Hey fucking Jude - but get this: More than 200 out of the 500 songs date to the sixties, including 15 of the top 20. (Nirvana is the only representative of the past decade-and-a-half in that tier.) The Scotsman concludes that therefore, "The list proves that the 60s was really the decade that made music," rather than, "the list proves that the 60s was really the decade that made Rolling Stone magazine and it's never gotten over it."

It turns out (see story linked in the first 'graph) that "voters were told to focus on 'the rock 'n' roll era'." That sucks great balls of fire. (Note: not worksafe.) I realize that lists is for suckas. And I realize that in fact, there are as many good folks among boomers as there are in any generation. But sometimes I just can't wait for them to, well, die.

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