by carl wilson

Put a Tamil Tiger In Your Sonic-WMD Tank


In the spirit of Aaron's edict (see prev. comments) against blogging-on-blogging, but also in the spirit of being on deadline with two other stories:

Go read S/FJ's New Yorker piece on the amazing M.I.A., whose stuff I slept on all year till, coincidentally, last week, when I discovered that this 27-year-old Tamil refugee in London has been issuing some of the most mind-and-body-division-destroying blastifestos to come from the noise-liberation front in many a day.

Sasha's themes in "Bingo in Swansea" are very close to what I was talking about last week in re: Brazilian baile funk and global shanty house music, to wit: "... most of what you find in the world-music section tends toward the gentle, melodious, and uplifting, as if the world were that way"; and "actual, on-the-ground world culture: synthetic, cheap, colorful, staticky with power."

(He does mention baile funk and Diplo further down in the piece; Diplo, it's worth mentioning, is at the Mod Club in the T-dot on Fri.)

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