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Goat Every Mountain

Hey! I just discovered, via Lalitree, aka Mrs. Darnielle, who made it, that John Darnielle, aka the Mountain Goats, aka Last Plane to Jakarta, has a new Mountain Goats tour-blog-site-thingee.

Which seems as good an occasion as any to plug my column, Overtones, in this weekend's Globe & Mail, which this week is about faith and music and politics, and includes brief consideration of the Mountain Goats' Against Pollution from one of the year's best albums, We Shall All Be Healed - so brief, in fact (compared to, say, this) that we might go on about it here a bit more post-publication. The featured act in the piece, however, aside from the leader of the free world, is Iris DeMent, whose new gospel album Lifeline is released on Tuesday, aka Election Day.

All by way of reminding you that the column is now on Saturdays, since that idea is still sinking in, judging by our carefully vetted scientific polls, among the masses.

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:) Thanks for the shout-out Carl!

Posted by Lalitree on October 30, 2004 09:11 PM



Glad to hear it, Cait, thanks. (And yes, the online-column sitch suxx.)

Scene was always a GTA-edition column because it was pegged to live shows in the Toronto area; if a particular column had a broader theme or if it concerned an act that was touring elsewhere in Canada, then it would sometimes get picked up in the national edition.

So yeah, one of the fringe benefits of the new format, new day, new cleansing power of Overtones is that it gets out into the rest of the country -what's the fun of writing for a national paper otherwise?

Posted by Zoilus on October 29, 2004 12:03 AM



The column switch has definitely sunk in up here in Ottawa, where my edition of the G&M; never carried Scene (too Toronto-focused, I guess). Glad to see the revamped version in print outside of the GTA, especially since that now us non-'insider edition'-subscribers are locked out of reading columnists online...

Posted by cait on October 28, 2004 09:46 PM




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