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What Do We Want? Moderate Change! When Do We Want It? In Due Course!

I think Aaron hath mistook me: By no means was I offering a "Canada knows best" speech. Canada knows shit! Look who we elect. Nothing to boast about. Should the U.S. offer Canadians a vote I would give mine up and pass it along to a Palestinian or an Iraqi as fast as G-Dub giving up his flu shot. But I'm a little mystified why Aaron feels the need to masquerade as an anonymous guy in Ohio in order to say "why don't you come down here and say that?"

Nobody is saying Americans are stupid and cannot individually make wise choices. Neither, however, do we think that democracy somehow imbues everyone with grand magnanimity and universality of perspective. Americans vote the way they feel their interests lie, and representative government more or less responds. Yet this particular government massively affects the interests of people it doesn't represent - way more than the governments of "Russia, China, Britain, Iraq, North Korea, Iran, Saudia Arabia" etc. do (well, maybe not China, but that's another subject).

So it is a frustrating thing that there is no mechanism by which to express this global set of interests, in part because the U.S. does not participate in good faith in the United Nations and other international bodies. (Listen to G-Dub crowing unprompted in two out of the three debates about how he gave the finger to the international criminal court.) And so, we pilgrims seek a vessel through which to communicate our perspective. On this day, the Lord seems to have given us Barlow. (This is because the Lord is sadistic and delights to mock us.)

Anyway, whether it's Barlow or Naomi Klein, it does not seem unreasonable for us, the citizens of foreign nations to go over to the U.S. and say "this is how it seems from where I'm from, and maybe this will give you a little pause when you come to vote." In most of the world I don't think there would be an instant of controversy about that idea. But in Canada we are so adapted to our feeling of being naturally born as disenfranchised second-class American citizens that it would be getting above our raisin' to criticize or urge our superior, more authentic American cousins to do anything other than what they damn well please.

As for the remark in the comments about "if Union Station were to get nuked, who would we go a-runnin' to" ... this is, again, just silliness. I'm not expressing opinions much different than those held by millions of likeminded Americans. (Here is one of the smartest, calling the lies lies when they happened, rather than after the fact.) I suppose if they nuked, say, Vermont, the White House would do well to just let those faggot pinkos stew in their own radioactive juices, too. That'll teach them to speak their minds to their betters.

And I suppose that if someone did nuke Union Station, that would be because of Canada's relations to the rest of the world and would have nothing to do with our alliance to the United States.

By the way, I'm sure Aaron's right that the guy from Barlow is a tool. But that doesn't mean there's any reason he can't go sing songs at a rally if poor Planned Parenthood is dumb enough to want to hear them, just because he has the "wrong" stamp on his increasingly meaningless passport. Maybe the Kerry forces are just after the cheap drugs. I hear Canada's holdin'.

End of political ranting for the week. Once again, the (not-so-felicitously named) Freedom from Fear event is at Cinecycle tonight.

In other news: Early adapter David Akin outs the closet bloggers in Canadian mainstream journalism, with exceedingly kind words for Zoilus. Many humble thanks.

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COMMENTS did you know about the whole styx/self-flagellation thing? Shiver...

Posted by Andrew on October 23, 2004 12:59 PM



Thanks, and y'know, no argument here about a lot of your points, only that - eg. with the UN - that a lot of these problems (Rwanda, Sudan) have international roots & their neglect is rooted way back in the cynicism of realpolitik. (It's not that I'm not down with cynicism, but it's either in or out. If you don't believe in anything, stay home, listen to Styx and masturbate: These are all valid choices. But the half-hearted involvement guys? Who are you?) And yes, let's kick this dust around as long as it takes to get it out of our eyes, which is long long long. (For anybody, me more than included.) Thanks for the unusual tone of patience and reason, Andrew.

Posted by zoilus on October 23, 2004 04:36 AM



Small clarification - we wouldn't have to go running to the States - they would be there for us without us having to ask.

Will we be targeted? Union Station was, in fact, on a list of potential targets found in material captured by U.S. soldiers. The point being, we are on the radar screens of the Islamists (including OBL himself who referenced us in one of his last tapes) because our soldiers fought (and are still fighting) in Afghanistan.

Also - participating in the UN is a means, not and end. We can't afford to have our blinders on - this is the same UN who couldn't get their shit together in Rwanda, can't get it together in Sudan now, and was massively on the take with respect to Iraq.

These are exactly the type of discussions we need to be having. Benefit concerts are great but they only make US feel better about OUR lives - they very rarely effect change. To wit: Tibet is not free, nor will it ever if concerts are all that happen in its name.

Anyway - this is your site, not mine, and I do appreciate and enjoy your writing.

Posted by Andrew on October 22, 2004 07:49 PM




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