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Aaron is upset that some Canadian band I've never heard of called Barlow is playing a Planned Parenthood event for Kerry.

"If the American equivalent of Barlow (whatever that would be) showed up on our doorsteps tomorrow, as part of an explicitly political event, singing his support for the American equivalent of John Kerry (Paul Martin, I suppose), we'd all be suitably outraged and offended that some damn Yank would ever think of telling us what to do."

Right, because no damn Yank ever thinks of telling us what to do.

You can't just flip the script and play do-unto-others here. It's silly. I suspect we'd be thrilled if some nutso American band cared enough about Canadian politics to express an opinion. (edited to add: As the Comments point out, were you really upset about Paul Martin & Bono?) It always seems to make Billy Bragg fans happy at his shows, for instance, that he knows who's prime minister here. But if we did get upset about Americans pushing us around, it has a bit to do with being afraid of Americans pushing us around. Americans getting upset about Canadians pushing them around would just be nationalists being sucky babies, because we have no power to push them around.

As I see it, national borders can't be the borders of our free speech and our consciences now, if they ever could. Really, the whole world ought to get to vote on who becomes the U.S. president, because in the current balance of power he's the president of the frigging world. In the absence of that right (which would be difficult to swing, I admit), it's absurd to say we can't even express an opinion. Why should we pussyfoot about "interfering" in the election of a leader who has no compunction in "interfering" anywhere in the world he desires? We are de facto colonies of a global empire. Last I recall, being a colony with no political representation at the centre was something Americans used to consider objectionable, circa 1776.

What does this have to do with music, aside from catchy fife-and-drum tunes? Well, there's actually an event going on in Toronto tomorrow that rocks my non-vote:

"The founding principle of Freedom From Fear is that the upcoming American election will affect everyone, not just Americans, and that even though Canadians cannot participate in the election directly, we can and should look for ways to make our voices heard. ... The rally will feature performances by Bleep and 100% Wool, as well as appearances by DJs Nemo Burbank and Matt Blair. The rally will begin this Friday at 9:00 at Cinecycle, which is located off the alley at 129 Spadina Avenue. There will be a minimum $5.00 donation to attend, with all proceeds to benefit the American Civil Liberties Union and the Center for Voting and Democracy, two American organizations that are working to protect the future of the democratic process."

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I can't remember if this kind of "Americans are running roughshod over the world" rhetoric was around in the 90s when Clinton was going around the world blowing stuff up.

Who is the world looking to for leadership on the horror that is the Sudan? The United States. Who does the world want to get more involved in the Israel-Palestine conflict? The United States.

As much as we'd all like to have a say in when and where the US gets their fight on it's not us who answers the call when people decide they don't like who we are and what we stand for - it's the U.S. They get to pick their man without our help. Let's respect whatever they choose.

If that seems unsafe - Who would be the first country to help us out if Union Station went the way of the dodo thanks to some Islamofacist nutter? The United States. Even if we piss on them 24/7

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i love me some bono. as i just said in a really quick response. it's been awhile since we tussled carl. i might be a little out of shape.

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hah! forgot that one.

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did this person freak out when Bono spoke at the Liberal convention?

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