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Global Column-Positioning System, Booyah (Plus: The Low-Down on October's Tin Tin Tin)

Sorry about blog lameness this week. Anybody who was confused (like Rough Idea in the Comments) about where my column was in today's Globe - for the near future it's going to be in the Saturday paper, which is nice because it gives it a bigger readership, etc. So check it out this weekend.

Subject matter: The new-millennial boom in concept albums/rock operas, considered as a political epiphenomenon, and the death of Jacques Derrida (pictured).

(Advance warning: Due to other commitments, no column the following week, Oct. 23. But reg'lar as prune juice after that!)

If you're looking for other things to read meanwhile: You quite probably missed my mixed review of the Shurum Burum Jazz Circus in the Globe earlier in the week.

As well, there's plenty of grey matter at The, a new web newsreader from Downhill Battle, the music activists who brought you the blogosphere-wide Grey Tuesday Danger Mouse protest action earlier this year.

And finally, if you're wondering what's happening at Tin Tin Tin this month [...]

... Oct. 27 at the Drake Underground, I'm presenting Rob Clutton, jazz bassist and composer, doing a conducted improvised set with John Millard (voice/banjo; Happy Day/ex-Polka Dogs), Paul Newman (sax; of Rakestar, etc), Ken Aldcroft (guitar), Jayme Stone (banjo; Tricycle), Parmela Attariwala (violin), Mike Hanson (turntables) and Vanessa Hansen (voice/keyboard). This will be a conduction in the Butch Morris sense of the word, using prearranged hand signals to shape instant compositions.

As well, we'll have somewhere between one and four bands representing the best results of the BLOCKS experiment at Canzine this weekend, where musicians who've never played together before are recording instant albums in one hour each. That sounded so Tin Tin Tin that I couldn't resist, so we'll give some of those instant bands encore performances.

And finally, there should be some kind of surprise set suitable to the American political season - a funeral march for George W. Bush's administration, in inimitable T.T.T. style, details TBA.

Once again that's Wed. Oct. 27, doors at 9 pm, show at 10 pm, pwyc ($5-$10 suggested, all $ to performers), eye candy by Margaux Williamson, between-set ear candy by the selectors of Global Pop Conspiracy, wild crowd sugar-high elation by you.

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