by carl wilson

Beware the Jam Borg (plus: No Mo' Moran)

In today's column in The Globe & Mail, I examine the fresh energy of the 22-year-old behind the Toronto Progressive Jazz series - who forces me to take one, teensy-weensy step away from my absolutist, preemptive-strike position against jam bands.

Obviously, I am not the kind of commander in chief we need in these troubled times.

(Further Evidence I Am a Flipflopper: Column also includes conciliatory gesture toward young Toronto improvisers. But I claim this is consistent with my position all along! Does anyone believe me? Stay tuned...)

Along with an along-the-way consideration of the ever-popular "is jazz dead or does it just smell funny" issue, the column also includes a nod to great Ornette sideman and harmolodic guitar wizard James Blood Ulmer, although, as I've already noted, the piece sadly misstates the date of his Lula Lounge show. (It was tonight, Thurs., not tomorrow.)

In other not-so-good news: I'll probably report back from tomorrow night's Progressive Jazz series event by the Dave Holland Quintet, but my fervor is dimmed by the fact that the pianist who would probably be my biggest new-generation American jazz man-crush, Jason Moran, says on his website that he's had to cancel in Toronto due to a family emergency. Dammit!

(Nevertheless, nice interview with Moran by my colleague Mark Miller, also in today's Globe.)

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I'm flattered that your breath was so baited, Tim, but fact is - discouraged by Jason Moran's cancellation, I gave in to fatigue and didn't hit the Holland show. I should regret this, I know, since I haven't seen Holland before, he's at the peak of the music these days, etc., etc., but weeks go as they do and I was too zonked. I'd be eager to hear anyone else's take...

Posted by zoilus on October 3, 2004 2:18 PM



carl, where is your post on the dave holland show. I have been waiting anxiously for your take. How was the double bill?


Posted by tim posgate on October 2, 2004 9:16 PM



Ulmer ripped the sheets out from under my feet - the second set was a lesson in harmalodic geometry, a ferocious attack of aural meditation. As for jam bands? Noodles can taste real nice if cooked just right.

Posted by original spin on October 1, 2004 6:31 AM




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