by carl wilson

Fear Factor (Jazz-Crit Edition)

Riddle: What do you do when you plan to preview a concert and discover that (a) you can't get a recording from the group involved and (b) the artist has recently decided he will only do in-person interviews, and (c) you and the artist are in two (possibly three) different countries?

Especially when one of your subjects has recently been extremely forceful in proclaiming most critics suck at what they do?

Solution (maybe): This week's column.

Which, all kvetching aside, is about German free-jazz colossus Peter Brotzmann (photo below) and his new collaboration with Ken Vandermark and Mats Gustafsson, called Sonore - as well as about race and the avant-garde tradition(s).

Regrets? Sure I've got some, but none sharper than being the only journalist in X years to pass up the chance to use the word "tarogato" in conjunction with Brotzmann. Ah well, at least that way I didn't misspell it.

Show on Friday at the Goethe Institut, and the tour continues though Ottawa (Sept 4), Montreal (Sept 5) and the U.S. east coast. Check Vandermark's site or local listings.


Also today, I rave about the new CD Ver Tanzt? by Montreal klezmer-mope band Black Ox Orkestar, a Constellation Records joint featuring members of A Silver Mt. Zion and, one of my favourite-ever ghost bands, Sackville. I'm all thumbs, up.

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carl, sometimes I go to zoilus just for the links within articles...

thanks for hipping me to vandermarks words in the all about jazz forum.

lots of food for thought.

p.s. the triage show was good on thursday too at the New Works Studio.

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