by carl wilson

Soft and Pink as a Nursuree

While I was away the discussion didn't so much die out as commit suicide.

I can see why Sasha hit the brake, with folks getting passionate in their defence of something he didn't mean to be attacking, and while I still think there's juice in figuring out what we're talking about when we talk about lyrics, as far as SFJ's original point's concerned, Douglas Wolk nudged in the right direction when he mentioned "hits" - in rock, good lyrics eventually became one of the main things that separates the underground from the radio. In fact lyrics are one of the main things that keeps otherwise palatable stuff (say, Ted Leo) off the radio. I don't think that separation existed so much 20 years back. There may have been differences of kind but not so much of quality, just the way that there's one sort of good lyrics in hip-hop hits now and another sort in the undie scene. This is one of those trends I hope will shift when the demographic bulge that brought us Britney-etc. starts amassing in higher education and clamors for college-appropriate rock. That's my personal ticket to Fantasy Island.

Thanks also to Douglas for pointing out the Dog Faced Hermans' use of Angela Carter - and in general for keeping the great DFH's flame. (That's them in the pic above.) Douglas also has a nice Seattle Weekly piece on the place of narrative in the Fiery Furnaces and Ken Stringfellow's work that seems germane to dreams of Lit Rock.

I have some further ideas and fun trivia to add later but I'll cleave like a courtly lover to short-sweet and dodge like the draft any junior-debater mode.

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