by carl wilson

The Comfort Brief, Impure and Sweet

Excited about the Hidden Cameras show tomorrow? Me too. Think you'll get in, since all tickets are at the door? Me neither.

I am unusually happy about today's column, though. Best route to good writing: Have something else you really ought to be writing instead. (Something that days later I am still not finished, even though it is not so huge.)

The mind, my friends, is a perverse organ.

Speaking of which, I've never thought about the terms "Entry Body" and "Extended Entry" on the editing template quite this way before.

But one other important note (to be made official in next week's column): I used the term "Salivation Army Marching Band" in print today all too loosely. The Salivation Army is a project solely by Scott Treleaven and doesn't have any affiliation with the Hidden Cameras except mutual respect and affection. I was thinking about their artistic affinities, but they aren't the same entity by any means and I didn't mean to confuse that issue.

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fantastic column today carl.

Posted by agw on July 23, 2004 1:57 AM



No I liked your column today. Especially the part about AIDS and the song 'I Believe in the Good of Life' (or as it was originally mistakenly called 'I Believe in the Good Life' which now lives forever in iTunes automatic tracklisting along with 'Doot Doot Ploot'). Anyway:

"'I believe in the good of life,' Gibb chants, 'as I kneel for a taste of man.' But then: 'I believe in the good of life/ As I do not step on a land mine.' The power and the vulnerability are his, mine and yours, now if not forever."

I've heard that song a million times now and you cracked it wide open. Thanks for that.

(oh and loved the 'comfort brief' link)

Posted by Justin on July 22, 2004 7:07 PM




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