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Knock-Knock, the Consensus Is Here. Get Your Boots On, Baby, 'Cuz We're Going With It

Today's column: The Junior Boys, from the Blogosphere to the Snogosphere.

I'll post a full transcript of my interview with the head Boy, Jeremy Greenspan, tonight: It's got much much more good stuff than I had space for in der Globe.

(I'd hoped, by the way, to make this the first JBs story in Canadian mainstream media. Shoulda done it last year: The Star's Ben Rayner crossed the line right along with me in a photo-finish today. (Eye's Denise Benson lapped us both six weeks ago, but that's to be expected.))

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The general diagram isn't too far off, Matt, but I think you'd have to put at least some blogs in on the ground floor. The reason I addressed blogs in the JBs piece is that the Junior Boys are a prime case in point: You can trace blog discussions of them back to at least April of 2003 when Simon Reynolds praised them intensely in his Blissblog. (It's possible there are earlier cases but that's the first I know of.) The first Pitchfork review (of the EP) didn't happen until October 2003 - that is, not until *six months later.* Mark Fisher of k-punk (now at but at that time at weighed in with serious philosophical thinking on the JBs in July 2003, and after that the discussion was pretty thick in the ether.

So while P-fork was certainly early among the "press" to cover the band, the blog phenom was independent of that. (If you read the transcript you'll see why - the band's *only existence* at the point Reynolds started talking them up was in MP3 form - the blogging led to the record led to more blogging led to press led to more blogging.)

To get all cyberpunk on you, you can't draw a hierarchical tree diagram on how things happen on the interweb - ya gotta go rhizome.

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one other peice of note, is that the whole blog attention took off after the junior boys recieved a really strong review over at pitchforkmedia. Same with manitoba's up in flames and broken social scene. Someone at sonic unyon gave a rough estimate that a single good review on pitchfork ca not only sell 20 000 albums, but also provide massive cred for more mainstream media.

kinda like this?

edge 102 / much music / spin / rolling stone etc..
national print media
other alt weeklies / music review sites / blogs
some pitchfork / alt weeklies / music review sites / web boards

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