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Are You Being Attacked By A Swarm of Maracas?

Today's Magnetic Fields column joins the burgeoning body of literature, Interviewing Mr. Merritt: How to Quit Worrying and Admit You Love the Bomb. I blame its structural flaws entirely on the song I Wish I Had an Evil Twin, for reasons you will have to conclude for yourself.

Biggest glaring hole in the piece: I actually got more good stuff in the interview than it seems, some of which I'll put up here later today. The problem was that there was no connection between the different parts of the interview, since about half the questions were lost in static or in the absorbant dark matter of Stephin's silences.

Biggest not-so-glaring hole in the piece: Like everyone else who's written about i, the new MF disc, I don't get into any discussion of Irma, probably the best song on the album.

Littlest not-so-glaring hole: I wanted to mention that the title of the album also refers to the vowel in Merritt's given name that he changed from an E to an I - apparently he heard sometime in his youth that if you used different spellings of your name you could track down and block junk mail, and decided "Stephin" would be his "musician" name. There were others for other aspects of his life. So you could read the title as "I, insofar as i am a musician," and that also seems germane to the formalist compulsivity of the music.

more to come.

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