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Scary Monsters, Super Creeps and, oh yes, Unreconstructed Nazis

Here's your backstage pass into the wakky woild of joinalism for the day... I've been meaning to post this letter-to-the-editor (which, guess what, was never printed) for awhile. Aside from the letter I once got in Montreal by someone who'd clipped out an article, circled my byline and scrawled beside it "AT LAST! A W.A.S.P. JOURNALIST!!!" (for the record: uh-uh, mongrel Catholic), this one takes the proverbial fruitcake:

Sent: Friday, April 23, 2004 4:41 PM
To: Letters
Subject: Article

Dear Madam/Sir,

This is in response to your article "German bands bring on the machines" by
Carl Wilson, April 22, 2004

I have just read the whole article and must admit up front that I know
nothing, and am not even interested, in the present-day rock-, pop-, and
punk culture, whether European or North American. However, I want to voice
my objections to just two of Mr. Wilson's comments.

In the first paragraph, he asks "... but how do you hum a problem like
being German?" Why is 'being German' a problem? Can he explain this? I am
German (alright, German-Canadian, at least on paper) and very proud of who
I am; I'm a very patriotic German. I have never seen myself, my
country-women- and men, or my beloved homeland as 'a problem', and I refuse
to accept any Germany-bashing by the media!

Further down, the article reads "... to wipe clean the mess of history
their fathers had left them with". I'm not aware of any 'mess' that German
fathers left us, the next generations, with. The making of the 'mess', if
Mr. Wilson means WWII, was mainly created by the Allied nations, though I
won't go into that here. I'm very proud of my father's sacrifice during
that war. He, like millions of his camerades, had risked his life for three
years to fight in Russia against communism, to keep Russian Bolshevism out
of Europe.

There you see, Mr. Wilson, not everyone agrees with such comments as yours;
in fact, I'm certain that a great number, perhaps millions, of Germans
(here and in Europe) would disagree with you.

Thanks for listening.

[name withheld out of misplaced compassion]

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