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Nellie-Nina Cage Match

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Tomorrow's column pits Nellie McKay against Nina Hagen in the struggle for succession to the throne of True Cabaret.

The Onion A.V. Club has an engaging interview with ... the loser. More comments on this tomorrow.

Berlin's Ms. Hagen is at Unity II in Montreal tomorrow (Thurs.) night and at Vazaleen at Lee's Palace in Toronto on Friday. (Doors 10 pm, Nina midnight, $25 adv.) Very rare gigs. New York's Ms. McKay is at Lee's on Wed. and at Club Soda in Mtl. on July 1. Not so rare gigs, but one of the few times you can see her this summer without risking a run-in with either Sting, Alanis Morrisette or the Barenaked Ladies.

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that's it. you and me. bike racks. recess. it's on.

(then again i haven't read the column yet - i can't seem to view it, so i'll wait for the morning paper. also: watch out for fiona apple. sneak attack with a steel chair called extraordinary machine.)

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