by carl wilson

Royal City Rumble

In today's column, I vent spleen about summer festivals and provide a trip-tych to some alternatives: [...]

Today's crazed Parade of Noises in Brampton, Ont., (700 nine-year-olds play "whoopie cushion organs" and "styrofoam cellos" and a fire truck! with Kid Koala and the Singing Saws! I'll try to post pictures later!); this weekend's 28-band orgy of wholesomeness and camp, Track and Field near Guelph, Ont.; and throughout June, the kickass Suoni Per Il Popolo festival in Montreal, which can only make an ex-Montrealer Torontonian seethe with jealousy and regret.

(Okay, deep breath: The bill includes Dominic Duval, John Heward, Sun City Girls tomorrow, Sam Shalabi, Leroy Jenkins & Malcolm Goldstein, Jean Derome, Joane Hétû, The Microphones, Sixtoo, Tony Conrad, Hanged Up, Martin Tétreault & Michel F. Coté, Arashi Daiko, Mitchell Akiyama, Amute, Henry Grimes, Hamid Drake, Sabir Mateen & Daniel Carter, Fred Anderson & Kidd Jordan, Nilan Perera & Susanna Hood, Amiri Baraka, Black Ox Orkestar, Rufus Harley, Kevin Drumm, Tim Hecker, Roy Campbell Jr. and the William Parker Quartet.)

Also in today's Globe and Mail, my review of the new Royal City album, Little Heart's Ease, royalcity.jpg and I'm a bit nervous about this growly purple bear attacking me for it. Even though it's not negative overall, everything feels more eggshell-treading when someone's religious faith is involved. Of course, art always involves deeply held beliefs and ideologies, but generally we can pretend to ignore the fact; religion drags it out into the light, which is one good thing you can say about religion. (Any others? ... Chirrup, chirrup...) In any case, my general verdict is that the album is good, but it's no Alone at the Microphone. Does that reflect only my own unthinking fidelity to anguish over bliss, a kneejerk assumption that dirt is truer than cleanliness, etc? No doubt.

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Oh, and the new Royal City, Constantines, From Fiction and C'mon records are all lovely.

I'd just like more dirt, doncha know, to compliment each band's picture-perfect songwriting.

Posted by Owen on June 16, 2004 12:51 PM



Dirt is truer than cleanliness and nobody wants to admit it.

The Barmitzvah Brothers just dashed off a basement recording called "The Guitarmitzvah Brothers", featuring all rock-guitar versions of older songs.

It's rough, dirty and sounds like Crazy Horse. It's also a zillion times more affecting than anything that's ever come out of Toronto's "rock" studios, Chemical and Reaction. (And it cost those kids nothing, not a cent.)

It's amazing to me that rock bands continue to go to the STUDIO. The STUDIO is a millstone, not an asset. Keep it in the basement and the living room, people.

Here's hoping that The Constantines, Royal City, From Fiction, C'mon and every other Toronto rock band intend to record their next records at a party. Or on a boat. Or in a shack in the middle of a bayou.

Posted by Owen on June 14, 2004 9:44 AM



"His snake-handling style..." Very nice.

Posted by Ryan on June 4, 2004 10:57 AM



Thanks so much for the Track and Field publicity and extra special thanks especially from me for mentioning the Bus. I really appreciate it.

Posted by Matt Alexander on June 3, 2004 9:40 PM




Zoilus by Carl Wilson