by carl wilson

The Music Geekiest Thing Ever

... and also one of the most fun, is the current I Love Music thread, "Album covers redrawn from memory in MS Paint" (currently in its third installment), in which... well... you get the idea:


Turns out there's a reason God invented the Internet.

After the image is posted everybody guesses what album it is (not usually as easy as with the above two). Besides the inherent fan-nerd joy and the incredible primitivist art palpitations it will give you to see everything from Louvin Brothers to Duran Duran and Throbbing Gristle album art redrawn as brain-damaged digital squibs, it's hilarious to trace the thread and notice ILM members who are posting these things all day and all night long, no doubt as spouses, children, bosses and various work deadlines glare increduously from the sidelines.

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Zoilus by Carl Wilson