by carl wilson

In France They Kiss On Main Street (L'Amour, Mama, Not Cheap Display)

Keren Ann + Feist.

Compare-and-contrast: The new Feist video for Inside & Out vs. the new-ish Keren Ann video for Ailleurs.

The latest thing in Frenchdie-rock videoism is apparently retro-Umbrellas-of-Cherbourg chic. And Zoilus, a corn-syrup-hearted francophile deep down, succumbs, succumbs, succumbs. We give them both four berets out of five!

Further brownie points for the Feist video: On the sense-of-place tip, it's shot indoors and outdoors, giving new meaning to "I love you inside and out" in the original Bee Gees lyric, rather than moping around in Feist's bedroom as some might have it do. Also plays with the binary of the title with some shots in half-negative or polarization or whatchamafilmit. It also realizes, frenchly, that it is sexier to watch a woman put her shirt on than to see her take it off - there's the tantalization of what you have just missed, and the ability of the (male? nah, any) mind not just to mentally undress the object of the gaze (masculin-feminine) but to set the gaze on rewind (analog-digital) in order to undress her.

[Edited to add: It's been pointed out to me that I should say, tho I talked about the Feist clip because she's been topicky 'round here of late, that the Keren Ann clip is in fact far better, headspinningly pretty. Clap if you like dance.]

Speaking of SEX, eye (scroll down) so agrees with us about Republic of Safety and No Dynamics and about the tag-team sex-punk-socialism of the Torontorgasm Liberation Front and how it roolz 2005 lemme hear ya say yeeeeah. (Note: Zoilus so does not endorse the inference that Sonic Youth doesn't know how to party. That would be Frank Black. [Because picking Fugazi is cheating.])

In return, Zoilus totally agreeing with Stuart about John Sakamoto's superfine Anti-Hit List, and John's all-round superfineness (I worked alongside him when he was all-too-briefly a Globe editor), lamenting the A-HL's departure from eye and supercurious where it's landing next. C'mon, Stuart, a hint?

Also compare-and-contrast: Stephin Merritt and Elvis Costello in both-simultaneously-writing-musicals/operas-on-the-life-of-Hans-Christian-Andersen shockah. COULD THEY BE THE SAME PERSON JUST A GENERATION REMOVED? Well... no.

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Are you serious about asking Stuart for a hint? Look to the celestial body...

Posted by jeremyw on January 21, 2005 9:48 PM




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