by carl wilson

Everybody Wins/Loses/Hurts/Etc.

Ably answered, Mr. Popwherry, and good points. Of course it's kind of absurd to pitch Rodney Graham and Nellie McKay against each other, but that's half the fun.

Anyway, Inner Peace was a better counterexample to my doubts than the Nellie songs that came up before: It does display more of what I called double-consciousness. And that's what I was interested in, not a specific content, though it may have seemed so (only because we started off with the question of "pungency"): It's not that Ms. McKay need "come to terms with her own loserdom." That's certainly a way to my heart, but that's my own damage, not hers. No, it's that really good writing needs to handle contradiction, especially if it's going to be credited for its satirical power. At times McKay doesn't seem to get beyond sarcasm to paradox, and that's when she seems merely drama-school/sketch-comedy level.

Aaron's right that worldweariness is not necessarily to be demanded of a 19-year-old - though Randy Newman probably had it even then, and Dizzee Rascal, for instance, has it now. But one way or another, if the work's really going to kick me in the solar plexus, it has to be able to cope with real darkness and not just shadow boxing. Nellie seems like she could go either way, but I should bide my time - and, going by the reviews, probably see her live - before I guess which.

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