by carl wilson

2. The Barcelona Pavilion - It's the Barcelona Pavilion

The story of my musical year, with rare exceptions, was most intensely one of in-person experience, the direct and the local. Nothing summed that up more than the penultimate concert by the current configuration of Toronto's electro-laptop, two-singers, two-bass quartet The Barcelona Pavilion at Wavelength in December - singer Maggie Macdonald's last with the band, for the usual, damnable kinds of internal reasons.

They got about half the audience, me included, up on the stage, not just at the end of the show but from the very beginning, highlighting the enjoyably absurd tension that makes the BP what it is: a band absolutely maniacally devoted to breaking down the performer-audience barrier, but also determined to confront you with aggressive (but humorous) demands once you reach the other side. The word "exhort" comes to mind.

They're also the rare case of a band that began from ideas and concepts rather than from music, a fact that's drawn slagging from other Toronto musicians on occasion, all of which just makes it more interesting, though rather silly when you consider just how much their songs - "New Materiology," and the two German-language tunes here, and last year's march-tempo manifesto "How Are You People Going To Have Fun If None of You People Ever Participate?" - just plain rock. The official marching band of the Torontopia movement.

Full disclosure: They're also friends. Because if you had people like this in your town, you'd make friends with them too.

Also check out Toronto's download-of-the-year, BP singer-bassist Steve Kado's cover of Outkast's "Hey Ya" in his solo guise, The Blankket (Scroll down to mp3).

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ive been listening to the blankket song for a few weeks now. just got some of the pavilion mp3s. about to order me some of their diy action. more people should be making music this way. "stop talking and start rocking!"

Posted by Th' RSL on January 21, 2004 4:34 AM



Okay, this is great stuff! The song from the first concert ever seems to capture their insane fun!!I can see why you dig 'em. Like this Zoilus website too!

Posted by cer on January 10, 2004 11:46 AM




Zoilus by Carl Wilson