by carl wilson

3. King Geedorah - Take Me to Your Leader and Viktor Vaughn - Vaudeville Villain

While the Outkast record deserves a high proportion (but not all) of the praise it's gotten, and I did miss out on a lot of hip-hop this year, these two projects by a hip-hop outsider figure were the most out-and-out enjoyable, individual, eccentric hip-hop joints I heard this year. MF Doom in two guises: First, as a monster rapper right out of the Godzilla movies, second as a battle MC moving through a treacherous land not of his own making. King Geedorah especially was the soundtrack to my summer - I put it on and just could never shut it off again.

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No Doubt. This was really a relief to hear something that reminded me of when hip-hop was (IMO)at it's highest point. The early to mid 90's. That raw head knod shhhhhhhhhhhh......

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