by carl wilson

7. Lightning Bolt - Wonderful Rainbow

I was just wondering if there's any common thread in these choices, and then we get to this - so I guess not. My second-favourite discovery experience of 2003 took place the same week as the first (see No. 1) -- I was in Scratch Records in Vancouver with my friends Lee Henderson and Kevin Chong, all of us shuffling through the bins in that classic bespectacled-record-nerd fashion, when the clerk put this disc on. I immediately ran over to the "L" section.

How to describe it? Guitars and drums possessed by psychosis in the wilds of Rhode Island. Slabs of feedback that paint the sky between your ears in shit brown and puke pink, a hallucinogenic rawk fundamentalism that makes nearly any other rock-based music sound as if it's preoccupied with trivialities.

(And did I mention they've got a furgin' great web page?)

This record was good enough to revive my interest in heavy music in general, leading to new forays into death metal and black metal, but not even the likes of Emperor were up to this level -- in a sense it's the ideal jazz-rock fusion, completely without non-rock harmonic elements but achieving the same spontaneity and abstracting effect as great free jazz. The best noise music works the same way of course, but there's something encouraging in the notion that this can be achieved without actually leaving the genre behind.

And if that's all too reasoned and stiff to get at it, which it surely is, let me sum up: SHEEEE! YEEEEE! SHEEEE! YEEEEEE! AAAAAIIII! OOOOOOOOKKK!

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