by carl wilson

ATM + Guy, Electric Orchestra

(Self-Released, 2003)

ATM is Toronto's Arnd Jorgensen (guitar, bass, electronics), Tomasz Krakowiak (percussion, electronics) and Mike Hansen (record players, electronics), and Guy is Guy Leblanc (trombone, percussion). Track 1, "Portage," is fairly standard skitter-scratch improv quiet noise for about seven minutes, then becomes fairly standard drone plus quiet noise music for another three. "Bog" is much more enjoyably tactile, especially thanks to (I think) Hansen's play with his record needle. As with many works in the genre it would be more interesting to see this in process than to listen to the document later -- are DVDs the future of the improv album? -- but the choice to keep it down to 20 minutes does allow the home listener to offer sustained attention, and hopefully not just to lapse into soundtrack-think and hear it all as tension-building backdrop for a locked-room horror flick. B-

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I'm not sure if Melanie is a person or spam (which is infecting my comment pages at an alarming rate) - but if she's a person, contact Mike Hansen at whynotjazz at hotmail dot com.

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...if you can get yr hands on a copy of it, the original line-up of The Battleship, Ethel did two wonderful drone pieces compiled on the home-burned Long Song/Longer Song CDR. Reminded me of a Cluster/Suicide hybrid (specifically, "Cheree" was quoted in there).
A future e-Mole piece, "The Beautiful Drones" , will explain my predeliction for drones in terms of Pavlovian , i.e., biological, conditioning.

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