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Blind Items! True Lies!

C. What U.S. newspaper of record has assigned an American writer (best known for her account of how teenagers are "branded") to chronicle the Toronto music scene for its Sunday magazine, with research already underway? Does it have anything to do with their shame and embarrassment over this? Let's hope it works out better than last time.

U. What public radio service of a nation known for its unfortunate dental hygiene is devoting a two-part series to the music of its former colony, "The Maple Music Revolution, from Joni Mitchell ... to the Arcade Fire"? (See lower half of first page.) Given this picture (note the dentistry), which side of that range is expected to get more of its due? And what true patriot music label seems to be getting a bit of a boost here?

R. Meanwhile, which of the hardest-working men in Torontopia has so had it with the commercialization of "indie" music that he is considering moving to Vienna and launching a squash magazine (about the racquet sport, not the root vegetable) called Physical Chess?

I. And what Nashville label is crying "BLAME CANADA!" over its own demise?

O. What minimalist composer who is not Philip Glass will be delivering a lecture to supplement his concert in Toronto next week?

U. What area band made our day by finally putting an end to their miserable reign, though their lead singer has yet to guarantee that he won't turn any more local autonomous music events into absurd fiascos? (A reference to what happened here - the documentation of which, tragically, disappeared with the demise of that message board.)

S. What ex-critic from a newspaper mentioned above, and more recently former organizer of a fantastic event at one very shiny boondoggle of a museum in Seattle, has taken advantage of her newfound free time to start a blog, thereby making us a little happier? When will her rock-crit husband, laid off from the same institution, follow suit?

Y. Likewise, which fine local avant-garde jazz radio program has made our lives brighter by launching a podcast?

E. What other radio program that I've previously covered here, this one produced by a national broadcaster closer to home, won a prestigious international award while its staff was locked out, but is now at least getting another airing of its eight episodes (beginning, forgive me, last weekend, but continuing the next two months) on Sundays at 4 pm, 4:30 pm in Newfoundland?

T. What website devotes itself to the memory of Honeymoon Killers, Voice Farm, The Nails and other unlikely objects of veneration circa 1980-1985, with a new pick each week?

?. And finally, which harp-plucking songwriter, invariably described as "elfin" and much admired on this blog, recently told an Australian publication what a "nightmare" it has been to deal with the misinterpretations of herself and her work that are rife: "... I'll read something about unicorns, fairies, princesses, things that're supposedly in my music, but there's not a single line in any song that I've ever written that refers, directly or indirectly, to any of those things," she says. "A lot gets written about the innocence that the songs contain, but innocence most certainly is not an idea that I'm interested in, musically speaking. ... [My songs] are the product of just living on Earth, which make them the exact opposite of innocence." Her next album will consist of 10-minute-plus songs primarily about "longing and death," which ought to rattle a few tin ears.

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Zoilus makes an unfortunate ageist (and anti-dentite?) remark about the BBC's Bob Harris. I listen to his show every Saturday night, and it's about two-thirds new music. In fact, some of the old guys on the Beeb have a better perspective on new music than most younger critics.

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Wow, great story. Thanks! Wish I'd been there to see that.

Posted by DW on October 19, 2005 9:51 PM



DW - In brief, Jeff Martin invited himself (through the Drake management) to join the final act of the show; I thought it had been cleared with the band (which some later claimed it hadn't) so I gave in. The group was playing a kind of free-dub-outer-space jam - and when Martin got up there he started singing "Get Up Stand Up" overtop of it. Followed by, I think, "Riders on the Storm" (anyone else remember)? This classik-rock mutation had a lot of us rolling around laughing (especially when some of the improvisors in the band started playing deliberately cheesy riffs to mock him), but some people (whose senses of humour didn't roll that way) were really pissed off, and it kind of amounted to a bad scene, for which I take some responsibility. I can't help feeling kind of affectionate for what an enormous goof the guy is, but he came off like a complete ass. And apparently it was a variation on a "let me sit in" thing he's done at various shows so he could feel all rootsy.

The discussions that came out of this were epic, but sadly they're lost to the ether.

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Say hi to Alissa for NY! (It is Alissa, isn't it?)

Posted by Jordan on October 19, 2005 4:07 PM



Dude, what happened at that Tin Tin Tin event?

(BTW, I saw this post before seeing the NYT review of the new Broken Social Scene record, and I assumed the slipup was an offhand reference to "this Montreal band" or something. Then I read the review and realized that "Montreal" was, like, every other word in the piece. Yikes.)

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The Joanna Newsom interview was really interesting; I don't think I've read a right-proper more-than-the-most-superficial q & a with her before. She is the person I would most love to host at StG. But Drag City don't answer my !$"%"!@ing emails!

It's a little disingenuous for her to be so spooked about the (agreed, superfluous) "princess and dragon" journalism fluff, a) since her PR photos speak very much to that, b) she DOES have a song with dragons in it, c) she loves (and sings at least one cover from) the LAST UNICORN soundtrack, as that article mentions.

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I gotta tell you, I find the Pareles fuck-up refreshing in a way. It's kind of more honest than Christgau (whom I generally like) pretending that he listens to, and is up on, everything new under the sun.

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He says it's for the squash revue but i'd bet he just wants to catch Mozart's 250th birthday celebrations (and the associated man-sized black forest cakes)... take a number!

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