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Teevee Dinners


I hear that the new Showtime series Weeds (Mary-Louise Parker as the Desperately Pot-Dealing Housewife) prominently featured The Mountain Goats' Cotton in its latest episode. Given the drug-troubles theme of both the show and the tMG album in question (We Shall All Be Healed), that seems fitting. (In fact, can anyone explain to me what the "stick pins and cotton" in the song would have been used for? I yam naif.) But any music programmer who can find a way to fit the Goats' febrile, not-at-all-backgroundy stylings into their bedtracks has to be congratulated. Indieologists can continue to tally up the "O.C. Effect" tv-soundtrack stats as illusory evidence of either their progress toward world domination or the onset of the apocalypse. Need any more evidence? I heard M.I.A. in a car commercial over the weekend, too.

Also just came across a blog today devoted to the music of Veronica Mars, which provides an excuse to post the above photo. The second-season debut aired in the U.S. last weekend, and I've seen it, but won't despoil any plot out of kindness to my fellow Canuck VM-crushers. Suffice to say there's a lot of complicated "how I spent my summer vacation" VMVO (Veronica Mars Voice-Over) and a slow accumulation of elements for the S2 mystery.

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The music on Weeds is credited to Joey Santiago - of the Pixies, I'm assuming (how many Joey Santiago's could there be?). No wonder it's so good.

Posted by Gillian on October 6, 2005 1:56 PM



Shane is 100% correct. The cotton is used to filter heroin.

Posted by Five on October 4, 2005 10:00 AM



I would guess syringes and cotton balls.

See more info here:


Posted by Shawn on October 4, 2005 9:37 AM



I've always been suprised that the O.C. itself didn't pickup on the Mountain Goats "Pigs That Ran Straightaway into the Water", what with it's seemingly made to order chorus of "I come from Chino, so all your threats are empty".

Posted by yrmom on October 3, 2005 10:50 PM




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