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Word on the Me

Just a reminder to locals of this bloggerati panel this afternoon at Word on the Street at 4:15. ... In less self-centred news remember that the exciting Interface improv series with Achim Kauffman, Michael Moore, Dylan van der Schyff, and Wolter Wierbos begins today. Wish I'd known sooner about Martin Arnold's noon lecture - I may harass him for notes that I can share with you. Speaking of sharing, a refreshed late-September and October calendar will pop up on the site later today.

Edited to add: Pictures and reports on the blog panel at Daily Dose of Imagery, I Am Chris Nolan and this Flickr page. Addenda to their remarks: 1. The time shortage was really severe due to screen-set-up delay and a tendency on some parts (such as yours truly's) to exposition too much at the top. 2. The dog stank.

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Have you harrassed him yet? Could you send me a copy? I have singing students who need ideas that are smarter than mine.

Posted by Dixon on September 26, 2005 07:53 PM



...misssed martin arnold as well...lethargy...did anyone record it?

Posted by nilan on September 26, 2005 09:19 AM



..$450.00 for floor seats for the fukn STONES??...this is such a mortgage paid boomer swindle that it makes me ill (and i AM a boomer!!)...on the other hand as remarkable a band as they once were (pre goatzheadslop)and as much aerobicised as mick is, they are definitely on the hockey rink-as-vegas gerontology circuit...the only time i saw 'em was at the forum in mtl. during the flq mashup..the 'firecrackers-in-the-audience-mick -bailing-'cause-he-thought-they-were-gunshots' show...we were really wasted and stevie wonder destroyed the place as an opener...ah youth...

Posted by nilan on September 25, 2005 10:36 PM



Hi Carl...
A duo of [incredibly grainy!] photographs from the panel this afternoon are up on my Flickr photostream, if you're interested in delving back into the field of self-centred webbery.

That Martin Arnold lecture DOES sound like it was probably-fantasmic, as well.

Posted by Trevor on September 25, 2005 05:56 PM




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