by carl wilson

Kicked to the Ground

Sleater-Kinney, not coming soon to a CNE-grounds music festival near you (or at least not near me).

So for the second year in a row, a well-programmed summer-season music festival at the CNE grounds in Toronto has been deep-sixed. Yeah, I'm talkin' about Ear to the Ground, which was to have featured everyone from Sleater-Kinney to the Hidden Cameras (see crossed-out entries in the gig guide), is no more. Brief flailing attempts to schedule compensatory club shows have gone nowhere. There looks to still be an okay show Thurs at the Gladstone and I think also Friday at the Phoenix (the latter put together by Dan Burke rather than by the festival organizers, w/ Ninja High School, RJD2, Kid Koala, Zoobombs). Too bad - the festival had a good blend of acts (i.e. it was not all rock, which is a shock in this town's music-festival biz - there were good electronics and hip-hop/r&b; components) and a high quality average. Mixing with the CNE does not look to be a good bet for festival promoters. But neither does getting in over your head financially. Bads on both sides? Seems like it.

Speaking of festivals: Can anyone make a convincing argument about why anyone from Toronto would drive up for Pop Montreal this year (aside from just to hang out)? I don't see much on the schedule that persuades me I'll miss out on musical essentials if I don't go. What do you think?

Meanwhile the benefitingest of New Orleans benefits is on tonight at the Comfort Zone, again organized by the inimitable Dan Burke and featuring the aforementioned High School of the Ninjas along with Don Matsuo of the Zoobombs, Anagram, Camouflage Nights, Lenin i Shumov, Clydesdale, Passionate Man and DJ Selective Sergery. 8 pm, $10 (or more if you like). Do it! (And if that's a bit too high-volume for you - Zoilus pal Ryan Kamstra is opening for the New Kings tonight at the Cameron House at 9 pm sharp.)

Sorry for the exclusively local-functional content. Post-fire-brain needs to evolve back up to the intellectual state of humanity after the invention of the written word before I can actually write about ideas again.

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No need to cop the attitude, Dan. I'll email you.

Posted by zoilus on September 21, 2005 6:36 PM



Here's a list of artists who are playing exclusively for the festival- Gonzales- (first n.a appearance in 6 years), Billy Childish, Devin the Dude, Joseph Arthur, Stars, Gordon Thomas, Irving Fields, Tomorrow's Friends, Enon among others, not too mention the 100 or so montreal bands that are playing and all the other super fun events, films, indie fair etc etc....but whatever, if it makes you feel more secure to sit in toronto and go to sneaky dee's we really don't want you here.

Posted by deeselig on September 21, 2005 6:24 PM



one reason: DEVIN THE DUDE

Posted by oliver monday on September 20, 2005 2:12 PM




Not sure how many of the Ear to the Ground acts have found alternative arrangements in TO, but if they haven't a number of them have Pop Montreal dates that might make it worth the trip (Zoobombs come to mind).


Posted by fatcitizen on September 19, 2005 4:10 PM



...except people in montreal *do* have access to good shows on a regular basis. I don't think there's a single major act at this year's festival that hasn't been in town within the last year, so I imagine living in Toronto you'd have the same experience. About the only reason (outside of getting to leave Toronto for the best city in Canada) to go to Pop Montreal this year is that you'd get all the bands in one place, so you could experience the joy of racing around town to see them all...

Posted by matthew on September 16, 2005 4:22 PM



pop montreal: for someone who doesnt have access to good shows on a regular basis its a pretty solid line-up. if i lived in toronto and could see most of those bands at any time...its probably a waste of time...

Posted by dogonwheels on September 16, 2005 12:35 AM




Zoilus by Carl Wilson