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Democratic Ticket '08:
Wynton Marsalis/Roscoe Mitchell?

The campaign has begun.

Anybody who can point me to a transcript or video of Marsalis's Charlie Rose appearance, please do. It sounds galvanizing. And I'm all worn out with hating on him - a reason to (re-)admire the guy would be welcome, and anybody who speaks truth to the current "don't play the blame game" bull out of Washington deserves it. And Roscoe would make such a perfect running mate. (Subliminal plug: AACM this weekend at the Guelph Jazz Festival; Zoilus live blogging from Guelph...)

Come to think of it: A NOLA-born candidate, at least for VP, would be a real coup for the Dems in '08, wouldn't it?

(FYI: Today's NY Times discussed the prospects for music-cultural recovery there.)

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on the subject of live-from-Guelph coverage, our friend Dave Dacks is broadcasting on CIUT 89.5 :::

CIUT Guelph Jazz Festival live concert series

Thursday, Sept. 8th -
10:30a.m. - 11:45a.m. - Francois Houle, etc.
1-2p.m. - Rob Clutton
3-4p.m. - Cosmologic
5-6p.m. - Andre Duchesne

Friday, Sept. 9th -
1-2p.m. - Marshall Allen
3-4p.m. - Lori Freedman

Sunday, Sept. 11th -
7-8p.m. - Gordon Monahan & Jesse Stewart

there will be some streeters as well, apparently

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On the LA patronage front - Bush might nominate NOLA resident (if not native) Edith Brown Clement for that open SC seat in the next few days. Which might steal some of that hoped for Democrat thunder in 2008.

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Zoilus by Carl Wilson