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This site will get back to normal activity levels, including the belated September calendar, come Monday. This weekend is a bit of a sad occasion, as we're interring my father's ashes in a small ceremony, so it will be quiet in Zoilusville. Meanwhile, I note that Michael and Brian have had no such bouts of late-summer neglect. Get yer T-dot musicbloggin' goodness there. (Note particularly the link to Jason McBride's Toronto Life profile of Metric mistress Emily Haines.) And happy blogday, Frank. Meanwhile, Popsheep posts the song that's been most on my mind.

As well, the Village Voice blog Riff Raff talks to the man I've most wanted to hear from on the cultural side of the disaster, Ned Sublette: ""Everything from documents to recordings to things that are in private hands [are lost]. Many of the more serious archives are on higher floors--presumably many of them have survived the flood waters. But what condition are they in? How quickly will cultural workers be able to get in and rescue the patrimony which is very important in understanding where American music came from?" Also check out this impassioned post by Mark Sinker.

(Note to those who think there's something wrong with bringing up that concern while people are suffering: Disasters happen, and of course what people are undergoing is awful, but culture still matters, and it is a trust to be preserved, including in emergencies. Music is important in New Orleans the way archaeological sites are important in Iraq. I'm not an aid worker. It's this site's job to care about this stuff.)

Meanwhile in the weeklies: Eye has a moving Ninjalicious obit, takes you to heavy-metal grad school, gives high smart praise to Kanye and Boozoo Bajou (plus some K.West gossip), remembers Bran Van, and writes rather ambivalently about Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. (NOW does likewise, though with more enthusiasm.) NOW also wins the battle of the Jaguar Wright profiles and gives major props to the new Fembots album, about which you'll hear more here soon. (They also dig the new Wayne Shorter and Waco Bros. discs.) Peace out.

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What about talking about Ned Rorem??

Posted by Slopo on September 2, 2005 08:03 PM



I'm really surprised that there's nothing about the Robot Ate Me. Last time he was here, he got a best bet in eye, and it was a great show. Granted, the Vatican isn't much to write home about, and the lineup is resting on his shoulders, but you would think there'd be a paragraph someplace. I can't even find a listing for the show.

Posted by Ryan on September 2, 2005 06:46 PM




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