by carl wilson

Gurkophones, Apple Dumplings, Ornette Coleman Stoves


Meet the Viennese vegetable orchestra or the Gemüseorchester (more, um, gemüsingly), whose arsenal includes the Cucumberophone (in German, the "gurkophone"), the Radish Marimba and the Carrot Recorder: " Ten musicians in black suits play a concert program ... on vegetable-instruments. In doing so, the social structure of a traditional orchestra is reflected, imitated and adjusted to the stylistic necessities of the individual pieces. After the concert, the stage is left to the cooks who then work the instruments into a tasty vegetable soup which the audience and musicians consume together."

I think a theme is developing. Who'll be next onto the edible-music bandwagon?

Don't neglect to listen to the samples. And consider this John Cageian poetic thought from their FAQ page: "If you are really looking for a vegetable orchestra in holland, u.k., usa, mars, alpha centauri etc. go to the next vegetable market and listen very closely. you will hear the delicate sounds all vegetables make. there are millions of vegetable orchestras in the world. and there also bread orchestras, food can orchestras, car orchestras, cell phone orchestras, shoe orchestras etc." (Via Mimi Smartypants.) (Read more here.)

Moving from vegetables to fruit: Fiona Apple has re-recorded Extraordinary Machine without Jon Brion, which to me automatically implies it won't be as good as the web-leaked original. Granted, I'm much more of a Jon Brion fan than I am an Apple fan. (Can't wait for the Jon & Kanye collaboration to be unveiled.) But isn't Jeff Leeds of the Times stretching the truth when he claims the response to the leak on-line was "muted" (I've never heard so much about Fiona Apple in my life!) and that therefore "to many," Fiona and/or Sony were right to send it back to the kitchen? Who is this "many"? Or, to paraphrase Josef Stalin, how many divisions has Jeff Leeds?

And from fruit to nuts: Love has fired Arthur Lee. That just ain't right.

But this is. Ornette Coleman is coming to Toronto. That's right. Ornette Coleman. (I love these PBS Kids' Jazz Greats pages. It's like "See Ornette. See Ornette blow. See audiences run. Run, audience, run!") Saturday, October 29, at 8 pm at Massey Hall. Pricey ($89.50– $39.50) but worth it. See Ornette. See Ornette at 75 with Greg Cohen and Tony Falanga both on bass (!) and Denardo Coleman on drums. Yeah, that's Ornette's son, who's been playing with his dad since he was 10 (on The Empty Foxhole, 1966). I have nothing to add to the "Ornette Coleman Stove" joke in the headline. If you've been reading all this way hoping for more, sorry. Try checking out the (official?) Harmolodics website - the tagline, "For the equal access to the information expression," is worth a chuckle at least.

Meanwhile, tonight: Party on the subway, woo!

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Love fired arthur lee? too bad they couldnt get into canada in their most recent incarnation ... although johnny echols is pretty cool in his own right and i hope he still comes, even though I think his criminal record is longer than arthur's.

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