by carl wilson

Hey Asshole, or, Final Fantasy Rumour Quashing

Hear ye, hear ye: Yes, I got taken in by some idiot on Owen "Final Fantasy" Pallett's fan-message-board who's been posting under Owen's name and spreading false info, which led me to do the same. If you check the comments below, you'll see that rumours of the Final Fantasy's sales being in the tens plus tens plus tens plus tens of thousands are horseshit, as I should have realized (I suspected but was credulous). (Owen hasn't said how much they really are, as is his privilege, but my guess would be about a 10th of that?)

Annoyingly now it is very difficult to use those boards, where Owen does post on the regular, as sources of reliable information. Rely only on the official-like site - and on Zoilus, who will from now on check facts.

The moral here: Dear Internet Fan Psycho, Please do not fucking take advantage of musicians who communicate with their fans on a normal human level and treat them with respect and transparency, exploiting their good will in order to perpetuate your delusions of grandeur or single-white-violinist projective identity-disorders, s'il. vous. plait! You mess up shit for everyone. You are the reason PR flaks and sick papparrazzi and the other revolting symptoms of contemporary celebrity culture exist. Well, you and money, which is likewise sociopathic. Yuck, ech, spit, puke.

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