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Stalking Owen Pallett, Episode 21

Final Fantasy at Ottawa Bluesfest, photo by Mariel Kelly, with her kind permission (and her email link, by request).

In anticipation of Friday's Final Fantasy set (opening for Wooden Stars with Bell Orchestre) which I suspect will be one of the last live local FF sightings the next few months (except the Ear to the Ground festival?), I realized it had been awhile since the last installment of Stalking Owen Pallett on Zoilus Reality TV.

Previously on Stalking Owen Pallett, as you might recall, I went into totally justified histrionics about the Final Fantasy Music Gallery gig in June. To prove how justified they were, Owen recently has tidied up two tracks from that session and posted them online: Illusion Song and If I Was a Carp. I'll append the lyrics to the end of the post (click the dotdotdots at the end of the entry) for your perusing pleasures.

Unfortunately, if that whets your gluttony for a feast on the full-scale Final Fantasy magic-and-necromancy cycle He Poos Clouds, there's unhappy news: The recording and release of the album have been pushed back by other commitments, so it will not be coming out until sometime in spring of 2006. Shitdamn. I assume it will be on Blocks in Canada but in the rest of the world it will be on Tomlab, the Koln, Germany, label that has recently taken a fancy to the Toronto and Montreal massives (it also has Les Georges Leningrad, Mantler and Ninja High School on its roster [the latter with a new single and upcoming full-length Young Adults Against Suicide], along with non-Canucks such as the Books and Patrick Wolf). Owen is meanwhile on tour with the Arcade Fire (that oh-so-pretty millstone around FF-anatics' necks) and on his own through Europe in October.

However, there are many consolation prizes, he proclaims on his website: "For example! The long-promised 7"s!* Now in the manufacturing stage! A collaborative EP with Animalmonster! Contributions to the Grizzly Bear remix album! Contributions to the Enya tribute album!" ... *The seven-inch vinyl fetish objects to which he refers are: Young Canadian Mothers on Escapegoat Records, featuring This Is The Dream Of Emma & Cam, The Sea, Spell For A Weak Heart and the at-long-last official recording of Owen's unimpeachable (sorry) cover of Joanna Newsom's Peach, Plum, Pear; and The George Cedric Metcalf Foundation 7" on It's A Disaster! Records with What Do You Think Will Happen Next?, Many Lives for 49 Mana Points and Honour The Dead, Or Else...! (all of them stunning, and all parts of He Poos Clouds, unless Owen, as he's wont to do, changes his mind). Not included are Owen's covers of Jann Arden's Good Mother and Mariah Carey's Fantasy, which is why live shows exist.

Most supersad of all is the information that "Les Mouches are finito. The now lifeless corpse was divided between the family and eated. Too bad, too. There were some good songs that we never got around to recording." You can hear fairly easily that the new FF material is more Mouchesesque than Has a Good Home! was, so it's as though Owen is consolidating his songwriting mojo into one stiff wand (er, bow). Still, Les Mouches had a nice clattery (if perhaps too Xiu Xiu-ish) sonic kingdom of their own and it will be missed. Then again, the Final Fantasy record, despite its inevitable-under-bizarre-rocketing-out-of-obscurity-on-Arcade Fire's-comet-trail-circumstances uneven release and distribution, has already sold a remarkable 40 to 50 thousand copies (!). So that seems to be the wand (er, bow) to waggle. No complaints here. [Edit: Damn. Disinformation. Please see this and/or that.]

And that's it for this episode of Stalking Owen Pallett. Stay tuned for a message from those lyrics. [...]


All the boys I've ever loved have been digital
I've been a guest on a screen, in a book
I move him with my thumbs

He swam! To the edge! Of the wall! Of the world!
Followed my, followed my voice! And he cried!
"Master! Your answer is maybe, maybe not!
Maybe not! Maybe not!
Gotta fulfill the seven prophecies
Gotta be a friend to my grandmother
Gotta rescue my girl from the white witch
Gotta find and kill my shadow self
Gotta dig up every secret seashell
You may have been made for love
But I'm just made"


Hey ho! Farewell to the quay! Merry sailors, sailors we
The horizon is our proscenium, and our dead will come to know the sea
Our cook is a wanted man, 1000 thalers for each hand
Our captain lost his good sense listening to Lazarus' words

Have you not been told of Lazarus? He felt the icy grip
And was brought back by a morphine drip, to tell the captain this:

"Tragedy! Tragedy! Death has you fooled!
No throne of bone, subterranean pools, no scythe, no cowl, no skeletons
His greatest trophy is his myth!
Every sailor man and every carp will swim upriver to the source
Only the dead will know its course
And furthermore
Do you really want to know of the afterworld?"

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Zoilus by Carl Wilson