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Crispin Glover Love


As we ponder what to make of the payola scandal, as in whether payola possibly actually makes radio less boring than it would otherwise be (I will either back this up later or not, if it proves an unsustainable burst of contrarianism; unrelated favourite detail, beyond the trips and laptops and plasma-screen TVs handed out like lollipops for being good little drones: when Sony via Epic Promotions was having staff call in to make fake requests to radio stations, the promoter complained that radio guys were telling him, "[The girls] are not inspired enough to be put on the air. They've got to be excited. They need to be going out, or getting drunk, or going in the hot tub, or going clubbing... You get the idea" - the idea being, HIRE MORE PORN STARS), this exciting bit of non-musical news provides a welcome distraction:

Crispin Glover film and slide show, Bloor Cinema, Aug. 28: "Crispin Glover will conduct a Q&A; following the screening of his film and Big Slide Show ... as an official guest with Rue Morgue's Festival of Fear. ... What Is It? is the first in a trilogy of surreal, inter-connected features directed, edited and financed by the eccentric character actor Crispin Hellion Glover. This August 28th 2005 at 9pm, sees the long-awaited Canadian premiere of the completed film in a blown-up 35mm print. Told almost entirely with a cast of Down's Syndrome actors and including the voice of Faruza Balk. What Is It? is about the adventures of a young man whose principal interests are salt, snails, a pipe, and how to get home, as tormented by an hubristic inner psyche. Crispin Hellion Glover's 'Big Slide Show' is a multimedia presentation/performance Crispin mounts using images from his beautifully bound hardcover art-books, audio sampling from his album The Big Problem and text read aloud. Victorian precedents are recalled with the creepy, sinewy etchings and, expository titles (What It Is and How It Is Done; Concrete Inspection and A Family Story Where a Mother Is Looking for Something & Finds It), but all modified through Crispin's own highly developed aesthetic."

Zoilus has been a nervous admirer of Crispin Glover ever since The River's Edge, ever since the Letterman-show "I - I - I can kick!" extravagonzo, ever since he gave the best silent-film performance of the age in the middle of the Charlie's Angels movie (how did that happen?). Sometimes I suspect he is going too California cutesy-weirdo, but I'll keep the faith and check this out. It's better than a Las Vegas "flyaway" for which you have to pay with your soul, i.e. by playing Celine Dion.

PLUS - nearly forgot - there's a musical appendix: An After-Party with Mr. Glover himself as well as, Jaymz Bee, DJ Shannon, DJ Video Dave and (what an appropriate matchup) Mr. Wax Mannequin, at the Drake that night (again, Aug. 28), 11 pm, 10 bucks.

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