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Slack MoFo, or 'Semiotic Lumberjack'?


I know I look like I've been slacking, but in fact I just figured that early-mid-July is a fine time to get right with the links page. The whole thing is very, very updated, phew. A few tidbits that I've been hording meanwhile:

Yes, we have bananas, total binoculars bananas, in the form of this massive Getting Up hip-hop festival with Ludacris, Kanye, Nas, Lil Jon, Ciara, Mos Def etc etc on Aug 13-14. Yes, it's all corporate promotion, what did you expect, but if the T-dot was ever feeling a little off the hip-hop map, we can stop now. Also note that Aug. 5, the Bump'n'Hustle team is bringing Caron Wheeler to the Sunnyside Pavilion - yeah, the Soul II Soul, Keep on Movin' Caron Wheeler, first time ever in Toronto. We're having an amazing summer for that kind of visit, what with Ari Up and ESG having preceded her. Hooray for the show putter-onners.

Well, most of them. There's a controversy going on over allegations of wrongdoing by the owner of one of the city's best new-ish venues [Edit] going on over at the virtual hangout. [edit]. I'm glad it's getting such (mostly) mature and open discussion. My take is that while what happened is crappy and reprehensible, it's also endemic to bar culture, and the bookers sound like they've been exceptionally responsible (it's unfortunate that it's so exceptional, but it certainly is) in acting upon it. Unless it gets repeated, boycott talk seems out of place. Better to stay, fight and help scour out the crap - that's how things change.

Tune in to Guelph's CFRU tomorrow (Wed) morning at about 8 a.m. for what promises to be an excellent Final Fantasy interview.

And finally J Niimi, on Perfect Sound Forever, takes us on a nostalgia-for-a-couple-months-ago trip with a retrospective on this spring's EMP Conference that sympathetically sums up Zoilus' paper, with reasonable misgivings that motivate me to do a better revision of it, as is typical of his sober, not-for-eggheads-only p.o.v. on the proceedings. He describes the quivering-fault-line tensions of the final Sunday-morning session especially well, including the jolt caused by Erik Davis' attempt to summon a demon. Back on his own site, J. also has photos, with a caption describing me as an, uh, "semiotic lumberjack"! (But an "admirable" one!)

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I'm thinking I almost made your links page which is almost as good as actually making the page. I'm just happy that I think I could be on there...pathetic really, isn't it!



Posted by craig on July 14, 2005 11:56 PM



I'm sorry, I didn't mean for that to come off as snotty. But let me unpack: The discussion is a community-based one actually involving some unpleasant allegations that probably shouldn't be getting made on the Internet in the first place, but since it's happening, I wanted to tip off affected parties who might not have happened to check the site in question. But that site is (sort of) anonymous. This one isn't, and I think to link to the thread involved might constitute me publicizing defamatory rumours. I wasn't trying to keep anyone out, just trying not to commit any actionable offenses. Balancing act not so delicately achieved. Your comment makes me think I actually shouldn't be naming the venue either, so I have to add an apology for editing the name (but nothing else) out of your post.

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>There's a controversy going on over allegations of wrongdoing by the owner of one of the city's best new-ish venues [edit] going on over at the virtual hangout. (If you don't know where I mean, you don't need to.)


But since you brought it up in the first place, dare I ask for a link for the sake of us interested uninitiates?


Posted by DW on July 13, 2005 04:16 PM



Oops! Fixed, sorry!

Posted by zoilus on July 13, 2005 02:26 PM



Where is the Getting Up link?

Posted by Ryan on July 13, 2005 12:46 PM



Carl, that may be the most impressive links page I have ever seen. Seriously. Thanks for fitting me in there.

Posted by Nadia on July 13, 2005 10:52 AM




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