by carl wilson

From One Atrocity to Another


Ugly-assed summer festival poster of the year goes to Pattonsburg, Missouri's Big Creek Festival. The funny-creepy porn picture would be enough without the unreadable and incongruous retro-psych font... If you've got a summer-festival poster that can top it, drop a line - this seems to me like an unexplored gallery of design horrors.

Thought everybody could use some comic relief on this grim day. Greetings to readers and blog-friends in London. Hope you and yours and theirs are all right.

One of the most upsetting things about this event is the way it takes basically all pressure off the G8 leaders on Africa this week. Yeah, you're for the oppressed peoples, you fucking religious fanatics. [Clarification: By this I mean al-Qaeda etc., not the G8, who are mostly money fanatics instead.] Not to minimize what took place this morning, but the death and injury toll there is still just a normal mortality rate of a day in the death of impoverished African kids. Snap... Snap.... Snap.

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Okay, point understood.

Posted by Paul on July 8, 2005 03:16 PM



You're missing my point: It's not about competition, but about the fact that for once the world's attention was (thank you pop stars) well and truly focused on the world's most serious problem, and al-Qaeda or whoever it was ruins that. I'm not saying the attention to the London bombing is disproportionate. I'm saying the miserableness of the attack is trebled by the damage its timing does to people far away from the bombing, people who by no stretch of the imagination are western imperialists. In this way the terrorists are creatures of crisis-spectacle politics whose effect is to reinforce the consequences of western greed and solipsism etc. It's a death-movement of Solidarity Never.

Posted by zoilus on July 7, 2005 07:04 PM



For goodness' sake man, is it really necessary to tally every number of deaths as if its some kind of competition? My atrocity is bigger than your atrocity. No one wins a ribbon, you know.

Posted by Paul on July 7, 2005 05:43 PM




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