by carl wilson

Housekeeping. So Emo

Updating the links page is a slow, sticky process (due to idiosyncracies of our web interface). It is made sadder by discovering in the process that a linkee has made confusingly pissy remarks about Zoilus, but at least it was just one. For the record - there is no reason why you and I should have the same "agendas," though we think really words such as "tastes," "interests" and "friends" would be clearer stand-ins for a noun that makes me sound like I am Power Corp. or maybe the Fraser Institute.

Anyway the point is that there are great new things in the Toronto links section now, like Pop Sheep and Nate Dorward. There are not-so-great new things too because Zoilus tries to be thorough about its Toronto links, tho some may slowly be deleted or need reclassifying (Sherwin does not write about music and he doesn't live here anymore, but we love him - that's our agenda). If you look and you think, I belong in those lists, holla. Also: Other sections yet to be updated. And: Sorry for the ugglies - the density prevents the page from getting to be methuselah-beardishly long.

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