by carl wilson

I've Been Good For Nothing


Summer laziness and rashes of busyness are taking turns fighting for our attention but there are a few things to share:

* A new Freakwater album is coming out, their first in six years. Janet Bean and Catherine Irwin once more seek to divide the roots-rock weirdos from the alt-country goons with Carter Family harmonies gone through the cosmic scrambler and homespun lyrics gone god-defying and devil-womany. It is entitled Thinking of You and is due Sept. 13. Califone plays backup unit throughout.

* John Darnielle recently made an in-studio Mountain Goats appearance at Seattle's KEXP. The results are now up on their archive page - click the "Interview" link to hear the whole thing, the others for individual live songs Deinara Crush (from Sweden), the new album's You or Your Memory, Song for Dennis Brown (which Darnielle explains as an adolescent suicide fantasy in the interview, though somehow that seems only half the story of how it fits in) and Dilaudid, as well as The Mummy's Hand, a song Darnielle says he wrote the morning of the interview, and obviously part of the "monster" series he's mentioned here and there lately.

* There are many developments you should be watching in the Zoilus July gig guide, including a three-night stand by A Silver Mt. Zion at the Tranzac with many special guests, a visit from San Francisco's exciting-sounding Extra Action Marching Band and lots else. I also continue to remind you of Sheila Heti's marathon Ticknor reading on Friday with bass by Rob Clutton and more.

* If you haven't seen the funniest I Love Music board thread ever, in which various famous albums are photoshopped to promote corporations (Ray Charles promoting Ray-Bans, the Velvet Underground "banana" cover with a Chiquita logo, and many more that are much less obvious), do it now.

* Likewise if you have never seen the animated video for (no kidding) Don Ho covering Shock the Monkey.

* If I had to lay odds on which would be more effective - the Live8 concerts' noisy attempts to sway the G8 nations' foreign policies, or this anti-Walmart CD which is part of a campaign to persuade the city council of Guelph not to let the big-box retailer build at the corner of two graveyards and a Jesuit retreat/organic farm... my bet's with Guelph. (Sadly enough.) But even their chances seem slim, as Guelph council has turned to the reactionary side. The Guelph effort, led by a fine fellow named Sam Turton, has a benefit concert on July 14. It is too folkie for Zoilus's tastes (where are the Barmitzvah Brothers?) but not, most likely, for the crunchy country people of Guelph. Somehow I think the current council might have been more responsive to an Yngwie Malmsteem-style shredder. Or some other kind of shredder. (Cough, cough.)

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Hot Damn!!! Does that mean a tour is in the's been a while since that life-changing Horseshoe gig back in 2000...yeeehaaaaa.

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