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DJs! Art y'selves up with these limited edition Christian Marclay slipmats, available only from Toronto's Art Metropole! Because it's always fun to think about Christian Marclay!

Passing notes:

Zoilus sends heartfelt hurrays in the sunshiney direction of Magali Meagher (of The Phonemes) and Bob Wiseman (of Bob Wiseman), two true-true-true Toronto talents who were wed last Sunday. May you have a gay marriage.

Last chance to get in on the movement to get Anthony Braxton a really nice 60th birthday present. I believe June 30 is the final day for donations. You may remember Anthony Braxton from Zoilus entries and Overtones columns past, or his appearance on the Cosby Show.

I haven't bitched about Live8 in a while, because it's being done to such excess all over the place (mostly based on wildly overstated notions of Arcade Fire and K-Os's popularity). But I have to say: You wait until the last minute, when it's long-since sold out, to tell us Neil Young is on the bill? Oh, Canada, please shove a maple tree up it. Prediction: The mass of the talent gap between Neil and most of the other performers will produce a wrinkle in the space-time flux, through which Molson Park itself may be vacuumed into a hell dimension forever. (Yes, one even worse than Barrie.) Obviously Celine had advance warning, thus the satellite feed. Tip to organizers: Position Gordon Lightfoot at the balance point between Neil Young and all the other bands, and you may be able to avert disaster. Do not allow any Barenaked Ladies to touch Neil.

Speaking of hell dimensions - although it took a mostly misplaced Buffy comparison to do it, I'm very pleased to hear Chromewaves has seen the Veronica Mars light. But folks, if you go rushing in there in search of a BtVS revival meeting, you'll be disappointed. BtVS's strengths were in the writing, the jokes, imagery, ensemble playing and working at an overall allegorical conceptual level way out of TV's usual leagues. Veronica Mars is a much more kitchen-sink drama whose strengths are in suspense, tight plotting, wit (but not really jokes), steering clear of teen-soap cliches, an unusual frankness about the brutality of class dynamics in teenage life (and boy did BtVS suck on that front), a sophisticated father-daughter relationship, a bit of nice detective-genre gimcrackery, and most of all the performance of Kristen Bell, who carries the show by communicating an intelligence and integrity few youth actors ever manage. I bear no animosity for Sarah Michelle Gellar, at least not till overacted stridency took over in the final couple of seasons, but she never had a tenth what Bell's got. Plus: Way better music on Veronica Mars, though that's unfair competition - BtVS came up in the post-grunge hangover and sounds it, while VM is in the TV-becomes-eclectic soundtrack semi-renaissance. Still, Old 97s, the Streets, Dandy Warhols, Miriam Makeba, Ivy - they don't break too emo, unlike a lot of shows, though they did have a Postal Service Such Great Heights moment that made me think there ought to be FCC regulation of how many shows are permitted to use the same damn track by the same damn band. <-- Ahem. Tangent. In any case, Veronica Mars, for smart-teen-TV addicts like Zoilus, is your one-shop rerun stop this summer.

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