by carl wilson

Sit, Ubu, Sit


I'm gloomy to hear that UbuWeb, a truly stunning collection of texts, sounds, sights and sensations from avant-garde culture, especially poetry and sound poetry, is kaput. It's been active since 1996. An archive will be placed on line in the near future but no new content is to come. We'll have to look elsewhere for things like the score to F.T. Marinetti's DUNE from now on, not to mention that aberrant audio epic, the 365 Days Project, with its nuggets of sonic nonsense such as Mother Goose Songs for Jewish Children. This is me blowing Taps through a drainpipe in your memory, UbuWeb.

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try the PENNSOUND archive or the Electronic Peotry Centre.

sad to see ubu go.

Posted by kevin on June 20, 2005 02:47 PM



Just last night I went to Ubu to listen to Christian Bok's performance of Ursonate and was very disappointed that I couldn't. Do you know of any other place hosting an mp3 of the full performance? Google just kept leading me back to Ubu. (that last sentence is very odd)

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Zoilus by Carl Wilson