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Funny this never came up at EMP: Mos Def in blackface.

Helen Spitzer says: "I must meekly admit that i've had some wistful longings for the days when the Zoilus was not quite so quick or first on his block or au courant and a little less hyperlinky (and really, read more like a nice-smelling book)." I am mulling these comments over, as I would hate to be in any way unlike a musty old tome. Further thoughts from faithful readuhs? Meanwhile, sorry, more quick hyperlinkies:

A. Mos Def is playing Harbourfront in Toronto on June 23, just adding to the hot thick pressure of back-to-back can't-miss shows that pack out the rest of the month, starting with tomorrow night's Richard Youngs gig at New Works Studio. Check the show guide for details, or start your slow slide and be snails!

B. My paper from the Experience Music Project "Pop Conference" awhile back is finally here. In brief it's about "bandonyms" - solo artists who go under band pseudonyms, such as Smog, Destroyer, the Mountain Goats, Sebadoh, Bright Eyes or Palace Bros. - and how this has to do with postmodern poetry and masculine self-loathing in the fin de siecle. (Don't say I didn't warn you!) It's a rough draft, but your comments are welcome. And be sure to check out the other hot texts there!

C. Meanwhile, speaking of Destroyer - no Toronto date for the long-awaited Destroyer meets New Pornographers tour this fall, which begins in Vancouver on Sept. 23 and crawls northeastward but never reaches NYC or us. This must be corrected. The tour follows upon the August release of the Pornos' Twin Cinema which reportedly offers a more generous heaping of Bejarisms than the last NPs disc. We beseech and demand that our needs be serviced! It would also be an opportunity finally to air that Neko Case cover of No Cease Fires!, about which she hinted and teased so cruelly all those years ago.

D. Somebody I met at EMP, Franklin Bruno, offers keen listening - various soul sources, thematic cousins and curious covers related to Elvis Costello's Armed Forces, the subject of the new book FB's written, in the fine 33 1/3 series from Continuum books. (At the superstimulating Moistworks group-audio-blog.)

E. If you'd rather be yelling and hitting your space bar, go play the Yo La Tengo video game. The most pleasurable thing about it is hearing the YLT classics from their recent Prisoners of Love collection translated to bleepy Nintendo-esque soundtracks. But the plopping drops of blood creep me out.

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New Pornographers, Destroyer and Immaculate Machine are in Hogtown October 9, venue TBA.

Posted by frank on June 17, 2005 05:28 PM



wow, is there a recording of YOUR version of 'no cease fires'??? complete with the audible sound of bejar cringing? not that i doubt the excellence of yr performance, but it was quite hilarious watching him wince at Mergefest last year when some of the Merge staffers did karaoke to "An Actor's Revenge," complete with faux-Brit accent.
and what other canrock legends have you serenaded after a night of debauchery? the imagination runs wild.

Posted by barclay on June 15, 2005 08:52 PM



Hi Michael - Yeah, I knew she'd done it here and there. I guess I meant she should do it where I could hear it! I think Canadian Amp was the album it was supposed to come out on, but it didn't make the list for the ep, which was kinda sorta a Neko-and-Giant-Sand deal. I should add that I don't know if Neko's ever sung No Cease Fires in earshot of Dan, but having done it myself very late one hard-partying night, I would advise against it.... Then again Neko's version probably sounds a fair sight better than mine.

Posted by zoilus on June 14, 2005 11:06 PM



neko has performed "no cease fires" several times in the past. i actually have a live recording of this, and though it's quite rough, it's most awesome. i believe she did a studio version with the giant sand folks around 'blacklisted.' there was talk of doing a neko/GS project similar to OP8 w/ lisa germano, and i think that's where it was supposed to go.

Posted by barclay on June 14, 2005 11:49 AM



re: mos def
i had thought the same thing about no one mentioning it at emp. thinking about it though, it was probably too obvious and i believe it was mentioned in the call for papers. the other reason may well just be that 'the new danger'
just wasn't that great. looking forward to the show though.

Posted by Del on June 14, 2005 12:15 AM




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