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It's officially a trend. All the noise bands at Victoriaville were doing it, and now I find (via Funtimeok) the guy from Les Savy Fav doing the same thing in this arty, Lucien Freud-esque image: Singing with a microphone held in your mouth. When did this start and where will it lead, don't you get electric shocks, and what if you suddenly find yourself dying to use a fricative consonant?

(Funtimeok also has a couple of MP3s of pre-Xiu Xiu versions of Xiu Xiu songs being played by Ten in the Swear Jar, which are worth auditioning. A XitSJ compilation is apparently in the works somewhere sometime.)

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Remember E. J. Brule from all those It Came From Canada comps on Og Records? He used to use microphones embedded in all sorts of strange places - sounded like Laurie Anderson meets Bobby McFerrin and the guy from Police Academy in a Belle Province comedy style. Now HE should have played FIMAV. There's just not enough laffs at that festival.

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"When did this start(?)"

Good question. Lux Interior? G.G. Allin?

"and where will it lead?"

See example number 2, above. And make sure you bring plenty of antiseptic.

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hey thanks for the mention!

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hey thanks for the mention!

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Fricative consonants aside, I sure as hell don't wanna be the dude who has to sing into that thing at a venue the next night!

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