by carl wilson

G8-Eyed Spy

I feel a bit vindicated, or at least gratified, that the new Not Live Aid project from Sir Bob Geldof and co-sponsored by Bono, as announced this week, heads exactly in the direction I discussed in my column attacking "charidee" earlier this year - focusing on debt and the G8 and global anti-poverty rather than often-retrogressive emergency-aid efforts. There are rumours that besides the locations already announced for the July 2 concerts, a Canadian venue might be in the offing (one within shouting distance of a close personal Canadian friend of Bono's).

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The savvy approach to this installment does suggest a seismic leap in either Geldof's thinking or his faith that people can glean the actual subtleties of such conditions.

Either way, do you think someone along the way slipped him a copy of Chumbawamba's brilliant and unjustly forgotten album length dis "Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records?"

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