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If We're In Love, Why Can't We Stay On Topic?

Roisin Murphy of Moloko. Whew.

This just in from my southwestern-Ontario correspondent (aka Spitzer), on dark dorky doings in Zoilus's motherland, the freestanding homestead of Brantford, Ont. (as previously pictured): "Yes, I know it seems crazy, but sometimes crazy is true. Irwin Chusid, legendary radio host, producer, author & endearing crank is going to be rocking Brantford with the best band in the world, The Republic of Safety! [...] He'll be speaking at the National Campus Radio Conference in Guelph on Tuesday, June 7 at the University of Guelph campus - this is hosted by CFRU, and Irwin's talk is open to non-delegates as well for a measly $5. * and * Chusid is inordinately fond of small, weird towns and will be participating in a crazy rock n talk mashup we like to call Republic of Chusid, Monday, June 6th at the legendary Ford Plant in Brantford. It's an early show - Irwin at 7pm - Republic of Safety rock at 9pm. Again, it's a measly $5!"

Chusid's way of writing about "outsider music" sends me to Qualm City - stressing the wacky, verging on freakshow - but I heart his work as a reissue king (Raymond Scott, Esquivel, Langley Schools). Besides, if anybody can sit him face-down and give him a proper ideological spankathon, RoS's Maggie, Kate and Kat can, with three hands tied up in mic cords and six legs being borne aloft by slavish fans (or at least me).

In other news: Chromewaves today pinched our ears about Cliptip, a relatively new blog that hosts videos instead of mp3s. He was hyping the Metric Dead Disco video - y'know, hear hear, and I note that Cliptip does a lot of CanCon, where's he based? - but I really recommend you get over there to see the loopily luscious video by Roisin Murphy of Moloko, an Oz-tastic orgy of colour backing up a song that's one part Kate Bush, one part Talking Heads, one part Donna Summer and all parts scrumptious.

I haven't seen much on the Cowboy Troy phenom that contextualizes him in the history of black folks in country, but this comp might help.

Incidentally if things seem very ADDled 'round here this week, it's because besides everything else that's been going on around here, I quit smoking - for reals, this time - a few weeks ago, and the blogging concentration has been difficult to muster between running in circles, grinding teeth and drinking glasses of water. I trust this effect is impermanent - in fact, check in this weekend and I might try to cobble together a post on Drone Science to warm us all up for Sunday's 8-Hour Drone Show (which I'm told will include some prom favourites!) - but it may be awhile before lengthy subject-focused postings are once again a regular feature in this space. Betcha can't wait.

Happy weekend! May yours be full of post-death-metal Hammond Organ music I'm not kidding!

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Hi Carl. I'm originally from the northern reaches of Alberta, but now split my time between mostly Toronto and Montreal. My work tends to have me trotting the globe where I happily sneak the occasional live show or raid the local indie record shops. Thanks for the linkie!

mr. earnest 'cliptip' jones

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ooops, off topic here I suppose but you did mention the word blog - found a Nico Case sighting on a photo bloggy

you'll find all kinds of things there on
(hmmm, gratuitous plug: my pics are here, hope all's well wit you CW - MD >

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