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I hate to link to VICE for any reason but they've got the new Boredoms album there for you to listen to, and even if the recording cannot remotely compare to the third-eye-squeegeying effects of the live full-body-rub the band gave us at Victo on Monday, I have to capitulate my compunctions and conscientiously hook you up, because if you haven't seen this tour yet you've missed it - it ended in NYC last night. Check Sasha hyperventilating over the 'doms today. (Wonder if they forced him metaphysically to get drunk and lose his notebook, like they did me?) It was also interesting to see Eye pushing a baby stroller down the Victoriaville main drag - apparently in order to bring the band there, the festival had to fly the whole extended-family commune to Quebec. That's just the deal. So remember never to book the Raelians to play your music fest. Also This post tells me that the reason for the circular-drum formation they play in now is that they "view themselves more as a turntable." Huh. I'd figured "post-digital tribal-fire circle." The more fool I.

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I expect the "drum circle" is a natural result of the current Boredoms line-up: 3 drummers plus Eye.. how else are they going to see each other?

I'm more curious about the fate of Seiichi Yamamoto, and their last bassist Hila... did they jump or where they pushed? Do Yamamoto and Eye hate each other? and what of this band, lead by Yamamoto, that has all of the Boredoms *except* Eye?:

but a great show. I was particularly impressed by the lack of noodling and improv.

and also your Braxton/Wolf Eyes article was really great... a delight to read. Cheers

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The photo isn't mine - found it floating around the Internet, and not from the Victo show but sometime else on the tour... I couldn't identify the credit, sorry.

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Nice photo, we must have been sitting very close to each other.

The idea of a turntable is pretty interesting. I was thinking at one point when the drummers were trading fills in a clockwise direction that it was travelling the same direction as a record, but didn't connect on that point.

Great show, I think the best of the three times i've seen them. Of course, Eye's sound experiments at the beginning of the set were great too. Too bad that wasn't done along with the drumming at some point later on in the set.

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