by carl wilson

They Win!

Centre: The Gligorijevic-Collins sacramental moment, as captured by Amber.

Zoilus extends effusive congratulations on a knot successfully tied! to Katarina Gligorijevic (of Barcelona Pavilion, who by-the-way have a new bitchin' micro-EP, and Toronto-band-of-the-year Republic of Safety) and Matt Collins (of Ninja High School, Manhunt and Jennifer Lopez Knife records and formerly of Currently in These United States). We weren't able to attend the nuptials themselves in bucolic Milton, Ont., as pictured above, but we did go to the most indie-rock wedding reception ever, last night at Sneaky Dee's, featuring a welcoming barrage of silly string for the newlyweds, then Steve Kado and Greg Collins (of Ninja High School, Blocks Recording Club and dozens of other local bands between them) as MANSHIT playing Elvis and Bruce Springsteen covers for slow-dance shoutalongs to start the night, and then the electro-make-out music of Kids on TV and a whole helluva lot of fog-machine, climaxing with a mass half-naked half-drunk audience-on-stage dance frenzy (followed by more dancing courtesy of DJ Jonny Dovercourt). Plus indoors smoking, and cake. Zoilus is so very happy for the new Prince and Princess of Dee's. As Misha said, "Just when I think this whole 'Torontopia' thing is overstated, something like tonight comes along that makes me think Toronto really is the greatest place in the world." Mazel tov, mes amis.

The "Matterina" getaway car, bearing, though you can't quite see it in this pic, one of the few marital tributes to Captain Beefheart ever made - it says "This is the Best Batch Yet!" Thanks again, Amber.

Aforementioned fake-fogged dance frenzy. Arm of Zoilus, with striped cuff, seen at right.
Pic by Merckeda on the Stillepost wed-thread.

Also today, Pitchfork's campaign to distance Pitchfork from Pitchfork goes into hyperdrive. (At first I accidentally typed hyperdrivel, which is a pretty great phrase to apply to Pitchfork, tho not to David Cross usually.) A subtributary to the campaign can also be found in their Robbie Fulks review, which goes out of its way to praise mainstream country at the expense of alt-country, although it somewhat gives the game away by characterizing the likes of Roger Miller and Don Williams as having voices with "coarse grain" - Williams being an ol' smoothie and Miller's voice being pretty much as "nasal" as Fulks'. I haven't heard the Fulks disc yet but word is that it's much stronger as a country disc than P'fork would have you believe.

And: Let's think good thoughts, not even the usual dirty ones, for Kylie Minogue, who has breast cancer.

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Hear heeeeaaarr on the Torontopia thing, Carl. And incidentally that Spacing party on Tuesday was a raving success.

And I, too, am sorry to hear about your dad. Hope you're well.

Posted by Nadia on May 19, 2005 9:59 AM



Pitchfork *should* review country, I think - its readers could stand to learn about it. It wouldn't actually be so impossible to find someone qualified to write about it (look at how they've improved their pop and hip-hop coverage this year). Hell, I could recommend four or five knowledgeable people (much ahead of myself).

Posted by Zoilus on May 18, 2005 6:50 PM



Regarding the Pitchfork Robbie Fulks review: Just another example of why Pitchfork shouldn't even bother reviewing country music.
The Fulks disc is very much in the mainstream of country music. I'd hardly call it an "alt country record," more of a formalist tribute to the countrypolitan sound of the 60's and 70's, but alive, tragic, witty and breathing.

Posted by ken on May 18, 2005 3:48 PM



Good point, but not the one I'm making. I agree about the self depracating aspects the ruling elite impose on poor TO denizens, I lived there for 20 years, remember? I'm talking about something the involves Harold Innis-like discussions about the nature of economics and culture and self-identity with the other. Anyhow...Toronto is a really great daughter grew up there and continues to thrive in it...I love it to. But three years away has changes my perspective on some things...that's all I wanted to get at.

Love and much respect...hope you are hanging in there on the personal front, my man. My thoughts are with you.

Posted by Phil on May 17, 2005 6:39 PM



Not saying there's no cause for the tension btw Toronto and the RoC (Rest of Canada): But what you're referring to is an economic phenomenon that doesn't have to do with the lives of most people here but with certain economic & political elites. "Toronto" is a handy shorthand for that but it's unfair to the millions of people here who aren't oppressing anybody, just wondering whether they'll have a transit system next year. Torontopians treat Toronto as a regional joybuzzer and not a World-Class Whatzit, the kind of PR bullshit city elites have long tried to push that only makes the place look arrogant to outsiders and inadequate to itself.

Posted by Zoilus on May 17, 2005 6:23 PM



I didn't realize this when I lived there, but there are some very interesting and supportable reasons why people who don't live in Toronto get their backs up about this kind of stuff. I know the comparisons shouldn't exist and that the paradox is the point, but there is an approach to life that emanates from Toronto; the economic and cultural capital of Canada, or so the marketing goes. That intangible thing could be at the heart of regionalism in the great big country we all call home...It's hard to see it until you get out for a while.

I agree that it's where you are at, and where you are happy...but when your pay cheque comes from Toronto, no matter where you live, and decisions are being made that you have no say in which don't consider where you are living and what you are doing there - good, or bad, you can see where the frustration might come from. I agree that kind of alienation can be a real drag, but there it is...and now it's sitting in Ottawa in at least two political parties that may be holding the balance of power...recent news considered.

BTW The wedding looks like a blast...I went to a similar one at Gypsy Coop in 1998, only the tunes were mostly by Mickey Katz done Klezmer style...mazel tov indeed!!!

Posted by Phil on May 17, 2005 5:43 PM



An addition to the Torontopia thing: it's not about Toronto being better, it's about Toronto being good. We locals have a lot of self hate (hence all our NYC comparisons), we just need to be reminded that, yes, there is some damn good stuff going on in this city, and that should be celebrated.

But Carl, you hit the nail on the head. The paradox *is* the point.

Posted by Ryan on May 17, 2005 4:40 PM



it took me too long to figure out that craig was actually holding the rings in the first picture. i was under the impression he was reading a girlie mag, but i was later corrected.
i would like to apologize for insinuating that craig might do something like read a girlie magazine at such a fantastic celebration.
but i still think it would have been pretty hilarious if he did.

Posted by rachael on May 17, 2005 2:41 PM



Peeps, at least Canuck peeps, don't understand the diff. between "Torontopianism" and "Torontocentrism," it seems: It ain't a competition. It's about loving where you are at. It's about making where you are at the best place in the world. Many places can be the best place in the world simultaneously. The paradox is the point, the paradox is love. The Torontopia does not exclude the Montrealshangrila or the Victoriatopia or whatsoever Hacienda you might want to construct.

Your complaint about priceiness, by the way, is kinda fair, but it sure doesn't apply to last night (Sneaky Disease is cheeeep!), and Toronto is not as bad as a lot of other big metropoli elsewhere.

Posted by Zoilus on May 17, 2005 2:28 PM



I just can't let that Torontopia comment go...perhaps I spent far too long there, or it might have been those two winters in Regina working for CBC that made me so bitter, but Toronto ain't nothin but a party, y'all...and a high-priced one at that.

Last night, I went to Lucky Bar to check in with C'mon and The Mark Inside as they stopped in Victoria before heading to Nanaimo tonite. A healthy turn out for a Monday night...probably more than you might see on a Monday in Hogtown.

I thankfully ran into some old T.O. types who have also settled here - Darryl Smith ex-of Skewver and others...Lotus land comments aside, there is something to be said for the scale of a place like this. One, or two bars that have live music, tons of great live theatre, Helen Mirren sightings (okay, maybe I digress), a museum and a bunch of really good heads wandering about care of UVIC, not the BC Liberals...I must object to Misha's utopic casting of the emerald city. Sorry, it ain't all that. Misha may have a point, but it's a passing one...shhhh don't tell anyone about Victoria...there are already too many people living here.

Did I mention you can take a boat to Seattle from here?



Posted by Phil on May 17, 2005 2:15 PM




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